• Transgender Superheroics in Alters #1

    Transgender Superheroics in Alters #10

    Alters #1 Paul Jenkins (Writer), Leila Leiz (Artist), Tamra Bonvillain (Colors), Ryane Hill (Letters), Brian Stelfreeze (Cover Artist) Aftershock Comics September 7, 2016 In recent years, transgender people have become something of a recurring theme across fiction. Whether this is a fad or the beginning of something more substantial, trans people and the issues they face have been depicted with

  • The Midnighter Roundtables: Stormwatch by Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch

    The Midnighter Roundtables: Stormwatch by Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch0

    In a historical move, DC Comics has slated to publish their first comic book title led by a queer couple, Midnighter & Apollo #1, on October 5th. Midnighter and Apollo certainly aren’t the newest kids on the block, however. The two first appeared in 1998’s Stormwatch #4 by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, and Laura Depuy (now

  • 4 Comics to Give You Hope

    4 Comics to Give You Hope5

    I read a range of comics from a range of publishers and genres: horror, fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, superhero… and ones in between. If I reviewed all of them, I would never have time for anything else. Besides, there are some comics that give me such warm fuzzies and feelgoods that reviewing them would just