• Fatphobia in the Never Changing Comic Book Landscape

    Fatphobia in the Never Changing Comic Book Landscape0

    EDIT: an incorrect fact has been removed from this article. Superhero comic books retain the ability to deeply wound their audiences. What do they propagate a desire for? Thinner women. “Superheroine” is still, despite occasional pushback from Marvel’s (Adrian Alphona’s) Gert Yorkes and Valiant’s Faith, synonymous with “titty, yet thin.” They define a “correct” template, and

  • Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail

    Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail0

    As you may or may not know, my hair is just past my shoulders, and if it’s down (as in not tied up) there isn’t all that much I can successfully do without it ending up with it either my mouth, my eyes, or caught up in something. The potential for me doing anything particularly