• ComicCon@Home Previews Marvel’s Horror-Tinged Helstrom

    ComicCon@Home Previews Marvel’s Horror-Tinged Helstrom0

    Satan’s spawn are hitting the screen in Hulu and Marvel’s horror-tinged Helstrom. The show is going to be the last Marvel live-action series to launch outside of Disney+, after Ghost Rider was sadly scrapped. The cast and creator went on the Helstrom ComicCon@Home panel to talk about character arcs and what Helstrom was about — though unsurprisingly, everyone

  • Mutant X vs. The People

    Mutant X vs. The People0

    • June 18, 2017

    As you may know, as every discussion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe acknowledges, 20th Century Fox owns the filmic licensing rights to Marvel’s X-Men. These rights extend somewhat murkily.

  • Black Heroism and “The Man” in Luke Cage

    Black Heroism and “The Man” in Luke Cage0

    So now—Luke Cage is a hero. The arc of his heroism passes from the (messy) pilot into the end of the fourth episode, when he announces to the press that his name is Luke Cage. For some reason, I suppose. On the one hand, the rationale for his involvement with Cottonmouth is quite clear: Cottonmouth

  • Mighty Marvel Monday: Toy Companies, Lady Villains, and the MCU’s TV Problem

    Mighty Marvel Monday: Toy Companies, Lady Villains, and the MCU’s TV Problem1

    It’s Monday, which means it’s another Mighty Marvel Monday. We start off this week with a round up of the Marvel-icious content published on WWAC this past week. First up, Funko Fanatic Wendy Browne interviewed Funko Marketing Manager Hilary Gray about their Marvel Collector Corps boxes. I’m also proud to say that one of my

  • The Misrepresentation of Daredevil’s Elektra

    The Misrepresentation of Daredevil’s Elektra2

    Just after the title sequence, and eleven minutes into episode nine, Elektra Natchios is cleaning up the previous episode’s mess: Matt Murdoch gets shot with a poisoned arrow and Elektra slits the throat of a young ninja. She saves Matt’s life using the same concoction that Stick used to save hers and brings in what

  • Supermoms: Martyred, Fridged, Forgotten

    Supermoms: Martyred, Fridged, Forgotten6

    Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate the woman (or women) in our lives that fulfill the role of “mother.” Mothers—the good and the bad ones—are an important part of our lives. Moms that worry about what media teaches their children, what superheroes are really super, and so much more. Mothers are important; their absence