Mighty Marvel Monday: C2E2, Daredevil, and More

Welcome back to another regularly scheduled Mighty Marvel Monday thanks to Marvel managing to not muck it up for another week! This week’s MMM is pretty short, but expect next week’s to be extra long, due to more articles on Daredevil and also my Wondercon coverage. If you’re going to be around, say hi!

So first things first. Daredevil was released and the reviews are…not good. They’re not bad, per se, but there definitely is not thinkpiece after thinkpiece like there was when the first season aired. Or when Jessica Jones aired. Warning for vague spoilers, but this review on Vox feels like a fair assessment, although I’m only halfway through myself. So far, I tend to agree with Tea’s review in that Foggy continues to give me joy and is necessary for Matt in all ways platonic. I enjoy all my favorites being themselves: Claire at her Claire-est, Karen at her Karen-est, Foggy at his Foggy-est. I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and nuanced and complex Elodie Yung’s Elektra is. Also, kudos to the directors for giving me a ton of shirtless Charlie Cox.


One last thing. In case you also have not yet made it through all 13 eps and to the Luke Cage trailer, it’s been helpfully clipped and reposted here.



It’s spring con season!

This past weekend was C2E2, which in the past five years has rapidly become Chicago’s spring version of SDCC, to become a nice bookend with NYCC in the fall. At least that’s the way Marvel sees it, since it’s at these conventions that we have the Women of Marvel panels. This was the first time the Women of Marvel panel has come to C2E2, and it seemed as though Marvel tried to be inclusive about women on both the creative and production sides. The panel featured writer Marguerite Bennett, artists Stacey Lee and Annie Wu, and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, among others. You can see the first 10 minutes of the panel here on the Marvel Facebook page.

New WWAC contributor Draven attended the panel and tweeted about it, and included some great pics from their front row seat, which you can catch up on starting from here although this one is my favorite.

Among other things announced at the Women of Marvel panel was the Mighty Men of Marvel variant covers set for July, which seems an interesting time to make such an announcement. I wasn’t at the panel, so I don’t know what the audience response was, but it certainly implies a certain amount of turnabout’s fair play objectification. I’ve been disappointed by the press releases so far, which talk about this series as “inspired by” the Women of Power series, but fail to mention the fact that the point of having the Women of Power month (during Women’s History month no less) is because every other month is Mighty Men of Marvel month. But I’m not sure that’s what’s going on here. When looking at the covers that have been released, I was struck by the fact that the covers drawn by women are the ones I enjoy the most.

Some of the covers seem comically beefcake in nature. I was reminded of a very smart comic by David Willis from a few years back. And you know what? I can’t think of anything more masculine than dudes wanting to celebrate other dudes hypermasculine bodies right after national LGBT Pride month ends. Just saying.

P.S.–Other announcements about forthcoming Marvel titles–including those related to upcoming Civil War II event can be found here.




Marvel’s own Sana Amanat introduced President Obama at the White House this week, and tweeted about it in the most adorable and badass way.

Follow this link to Comics Beat for the YouTube and other pictures!


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