• Hire This Hero: Whither Wander’d Wolverine?

    Hire This Hero: Whither Wander’d Wolverine?0

    Have you ever wished a certain superhero was on hand to help with a very specific task that they were perfectly suited for, only to have that hero be unavailable? Well, you’re in luck! Welcome to the first installment of HIRE THIS HERO, where we here at WWAC scour superhero employment records to find you

  • Hipster Manga: Angel Heart

    Hipster Manga: Angel Heart0

    Although it’s only half the name of the series, “heart” is literally at the center of the long-running manga Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo. (Literally-literally, not figuratively-literally.) It’s both a story of a transplanted heart and the code name of a young assassin aptly named Glass Heart. After a particularly gut-wrenching kill, Glass Heart decides

  • Get Ready for a Silver Sprocket Takeover

    Get Ready for a Silver Sprocket Takeover1

    Silver Sprocket is a comic book publisher like no other: they’re a collective of artists and friends who create radical books alongside zines, music, and art. You might have heard of some of their most well known books, such as Ben Passmore’s radical look at microaggressions Your Black Friend and Michael Sweater’s much-shared webcomic Please