• Hipster Manga: Angel Heart

    Hipster Manga: Angel Heart0

    Although it’s only half the name of the series, “heart” is literally at the center of the long-running manga Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo. (Literally-literally, not figuratively-literally.) It’s both a story of a transplanted heart and the code name of a young assassin aptly named Glass Heart. After a particularly gut-wrenching kill, Glass Heart decides

  • Cracking Open The Vault: Yes! Another PUBWATCH!

    Cracking Open The Vault: Yes! Another PUBWATCH!0

    Welcome to the inaugural Vault PUBWATCH! Every month, Corissa Haury and I will be bringing you the latest releases from Vault Comics, plus a bit of commentary on each. We’re almost too late for a November one, but we’re juuuuust squeaking by, and you can expect future posts to be a little more timely going

  • BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave

    BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave0

    Hahahaha, I’m so smart. This week’s BOOM! Bar requires almost no input from me, your host! Except for all that behind-the-scenes organisational hell… but that’s normal. I’m counting it a win. Why am I home free this week? Because everything’s but the below’s already assigned! Hurray for long-term planning! The week of Wednesday the 29th

  • American Sales Season: Comics Edition

    American Sales Season: Comics Edition0

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Reading comics is great, and so is saving money. So here are a couple o’ deals that are happening this weekend, where you might just find that special something you were hoping to curl up and read as winter approaches. Many of them have already started, so enjoy! Digital Comics Image

  • Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review

    Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review1

    Lumberjanes #43 Shannon Watters (writer), Kat Leyh (writer, main cover art), Ayme Sotuyo (artist), Maarta Laiho (colorist), Aubrey Aiese (letterer) Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Released October 12, 2017 Last time on Lumberjanes: bubbles were burst, summer camp became summer treehouses, and someone, or something woke up.

  • A Couple of Great Roller Derby Comics By Women!

    A Couple of Great Roller Derby Comics By Women!1

    There are many sports that involve elbowing peers, crashing into them, pushing through the wave of bodies to score points somehow so one team will take the game. None of them are quite like roller derby. Roller derby is a chaotic mish-mash of tripping the opposition, leaping over other players, whipping ‘round the track to