Attack on Lumberjanes! – Issue #43 Review

Noelle Stevenson, Boom! Studios, 2014, Lumberjanes #4

Lumberjanes #43

Shannon Watters (writer), Kat Leyh (writer, main cover art), Ayme Sotuyo (artist), Maarta Laiho (colorist), Aubrey Aiese (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Released October 12, 2017

Last time on Lumberjanes: bubbles were burst, summer camp became summer treehouses, and someone, or something woke up.

Rosie tells the Roanokes and Zodiacs to stay put as she rides away on her steady moose steed to figure out what this current supernatural crisis is all about and bumps into Nellie in the process. It is revealed through Rosie and Nellie’s bickering that the familiar rock face seen next to the waterfall is known as “the Sentry” and is apparently having a tantrum for waking up too early, taking it out on the camp. Meanwhile, “staying put” is and never will be in the Lumberjanes’ vocabulary, and so they come up with their own plan to protect their summer home-away-from-home… with a little help from an old friend. The plan itself is a highlight of the issue: campers zipping around the rock giant, tying it up ala Attack on Titan?? Friendship to the MAX, amirite?

Unfortunately, the plan just stalls the rock giant. Fortunately, there is a tool that can aid the Lumberjanes in stopping the Sentry and thus hopefully restore Ripley and Jen’s age switch (I have to admit though that little Jen is the best Jen.)

Ayme Sotuyo’s art continues to reflect the liveliness of the series. Particularly I’m a fan of everyone’s facial expression in this issue. To the right, little Jen’s expression is me throughout 2017:

My only minor gripe is there were times that I couldn’t really discern the size proportions of the characters. There are panels where I felt like Jen didn’t change much at all despite the age and height difference. In the scene where Rosie investigates the Sentry’s footprint, if it weren’t for the bubbles and its known effect, I wouldn’t have noticed the physical change between Rosie and her moose when the bubbles burst.

Art by Ayme Sotuyo

(These comments come from someone whose stick figures can even be questionable, so please take this with a grain of salt.)

This issue includes everything that makes Lumberjanes so great for me. Supernatural timey-wimey stuff aside, Lumberjanes at its center is about hardcore lady-type friendship. No matter the stakes, Lumberjanes stick together. Always. Molly wants to take responsibility for waking up the Sentry and attempts to take matters into her own hands and goes solo. The rest of team Roanoke will have none of that. The girls catch up to Molly, shrug it off and continue, business as usual. There is no blaming, there isn’t even the usual “it’s not your fault” reassurances between the ‘janes. There is just the casual, ‘Hey wait for us next time!’. There is just the understanding that they are all in this together.

Coming up: I feel the resolution of this arc coming and I’m curious if any of my questions will be answered: Will ‘the-one-axe-to-rule-them-all’ save the day? What is the Sentry guarding? Will the Lumberjanes get some answers and discover why time is slower in the forest? How will Molly find resolution in returning home to her parents after camp ends (if it ends)? Can Molly become a bad-ass lady-type guardian-in-training of the forest instead?!

Stay tuned!

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