American Sales Season: Comics Edition

JSA #54, Geoff Johns, Don Kramer, Keith Champagne, DC Comics 2003. Happy Thanksgiving, Batman.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Reading comics is great, and so is saving money. So here are a couple o’ deals that are happening this weekend, where you might just find that special something you were hoping to curl up and read as winter approaches. Many of them have already started, so enjoy!

Digital Comics

Image Black Friday Sale

Deadly Class, Rat Queens, Pretty Deadly, Spawn, Stray Bullets and Manifest Destiny are just several of the hundreds of titles available for this sale. Stock up on your Image faves.

Vertigo Cyber Monday Sale

This one is nice. Because you could get Sandman, or you could get 100 Bullets. Or maybe Invisibles, or Transmetropolitan, or V for Vendetta. They’ve really decided to go for the classics this year, and you can spend $5 on any of those if you want to. And of course there’s loads more, so have fun finding something to add to your collection.

Marvel Collection Sale

Marvel 1602, Original Sin, X-Men: Battle of The Atom, and more $15 excellence.

Punisher sale

Punisher collections for as little as $3, including some crossover collections and some quirky comics like Punisher in Space. If you like the Punisher, take a peek

Runaways sale

Don’t miss these crazy Runaways deals. Many of these are $0.99 an issue and just $3.99 for whole collections, all the way back to story arcs from 2003. Read up before you watch the new show.

Marvel Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

This is a crazy one. We’re talking She-Hulk for $4, Spider-Man for $2, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk for $2, All New X-Men for $2, Old Man Logan for $4. Deadpool, Gwenpool, Avengers, Black Panther, Thor, Daredevil, Captain America, and TONS more, seriously, you’ll have to look for yourself. This whole list can’t be about one sale. Also, here’s the EU version.

Amazon Kindle Edition Cyber Monday DC Sale

If you like to read comics on your Kindle and you also like DC, then this is the sale for you. Choose from titles like Justice League, Teen Titans, Supergirl, Batman and more for $5-$8.

DC Rebirth Special Sale

One-shots and first issues from the DC Rebirth line are on sale for Buy One Get One Free on ComiXology this weekend until Monday, November 28th, including DC Universe, Wonder Woman, and Rebirth #1. Read about the deal on DC’s site link above.

ComiXology DC March to Black Friday Part 1

These DC deals end on Friday, so get your copies of American Vampire, 100 Bullets, and Batman trades in this first half of DC Black Friday sales (more details below). Here’s Part 2 with another 930 comics collections and individual issues like Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Hinterkind, and Justice League.

DC March To Black Friday Batman Trades

These ComiXology Batman trades are up to 88% off (in some cases that means $4 for a Batman trade) and there are some damn good deals. Like Batman Detective and Batman Noir, and Batman Arkham. Go spend some time with Bruce Wayne.

In Store/Print Comics

We can’t forget about comic book shops, especially with Small Business Saturday happening this weekend, so use your zip code on Comic Shop Locator if you’re looking for a local place to buy print comics. First, here’s Bleeding Cool’s list, they really did tons of work and it’s worth looking at. Here’s a few random in-store deals we found when we looked around:

Comics Place, Bellingham, WA

Cosmic Comics, Las Vegas, NV

Tate’s Comics, Boynton Beach, FL

Rogue’s Gallery, Round Rock, TX

Source Comics & Games, Roseville, MN

Third Eye Comics, Annapolis, MD

Blast Off! Comics, Los Angeles, CA

Emerald Dragon Books, Baytown, TX

Fantastic Comics, Berkeley, CA

Emerald City Comics, Clearwater, FL

Empires Comics, Sacramento, CA

Legacy Comics and Cards, Glendale, CA

Comic Book Jones, Staten Island, NY

Southern California Comics, San Diego, CA

Downtown Comics, Indianapolis, IN

Krypton Comics, Omaha, NE

Coliseum of Comics, Multiple Cities, FL

Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles, CA

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