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    Tia Kalla

    Longtime writer, temporary office minion, and nerd of all trades, tiakall is a fan of lengthy subordinate clauses and the Oxford comma. She enjoys plants, cats, puns of varying quality, and making cannibal jokes before it was cool.

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  • Plus-Sized Elf Makes A Joke of Women’s Bodies

    Plus-Sized Elf Makes A Joke of Women’s Bodies3

    As a fat person, I’m not sure what I dislike more: no fat representation in media, or fat representation in media. Because whenever it happens, it’s almost always as a comic relief, a glutton, a character who is defined by always eating. Their fatness is only the “acceptable” kind, a little chub around the midsection,

  • Hipster Manga: 7 Seeds

    Hipster Manga: 7 Seeds0

    7 Seeds Yumi Tamura Shougakukan Content warnings: 7 Seeds contains violence, death that is sometimes gruesome, and an attempted rape. Yumi Tamura hasn’t had a series released in English since Basara, her award-winning fantasy epic of the 1990s. This might lead her fans in the Anglosphere to think she’s stopped work or that she peaked