Journey Across the Seven Seas: Sillier and Spookier

What’s up for the latest massive roundup from Seven Seas? Mood whiplash! We go from buddy comedies and inept dragons to zombies and the scariest thing of all: fad diets!


Kawo Tanuki and Choco Aya
September 11, 2018

Letty may be a dragon, but that doesn’t mean he’s scary, ferocious, or competent. After being kicked out of the nest for being an abject failure, Letty realizes that there are plenty of heroes and hunters who would love to mount his head on a wall. And they will, unless he finds a safe place to live first. Fortunately for him, he meets Dearia, an elf who happens to be both real estate agent and architect and has a soft spot for dragons. And thus begins their grand quest to find a house and hopefully not die.

Dearia offers Letty a vacuum cleaner, typewriter and ink ribbon for dealing with a haunted house and mentions "it's a video game reference."
Barry! Barry, help!

Dragon Goes House-Hunting fits pretty neatly into the niche of JRPG-inspired comedies, complete with the occasional meta humor and D&D reference. As such, it doesn’t really do that much outside the box; the jokes that made me laugh the most were the real-estate ones. The art, too, is pretty standard. Dearia is classic prettyboy, while Letty is a standard Western-style dragon with just enough flexibility to emote. And by himself, Letty at this stage is not a particularly interesting character. Right now, 90% of his personality seems to be “fear.” In contrast, however, the glimpses we’ve gotten of Dearia, as a possible demon lord, are far more interesting. But it’s pretty cute and will fill the niche for anyone who enjoys the tropes.


Fumita Yanagida
September 11, 2018

Dear Jun,
Yes, I know you’ve known me as a karate-chopping kid in shorts forever. And yes, that hasn’t really even changed (I still wear shorts under my skirt.) But dude, when a girl finally gets up the courage to confess her love to you, it’s time to figure out, you know, SHE’S A FREAKING GIRL! I’m telling you this for a friend (who is me).
</3, Tomo

Tomo, when pressed to articulate why she likes Jun, settles on "he's the only guy I feel comfortable punching".

Tomo-chan is a Girl! is told in a 4koma (four-panel comic) format chronicling the high school will-they-or-won’t-they between Tomo and her childhood friend, Jun, who does-he-know-or-doesn’t-he dances around the idea of Tomo actually being a woman looking for more than a childhood friendship. Compounded on this is the fact that Tomo’s social skills fall short of her karate skills. So when she’s not floundering through her relationship with Jun, she’s floundering through her relationships with other classmates who, you know, don’t try to punch all their problems. This volume is 100% teenage drama and love polygons. Those aren’t usually my thing, but when they’re headed up by a lovable beefy moron, I’m down with it. I also really enjoy the play between Tomo and her deadpan snarker bestie, Misuzu.


October 9, 2018

Satoko is a Japanese student going to college in America, which would be enough to give anyone shellshock. Things get even more interesting when Satoko signs up for an apartment with a roommate—and that roommate is Nada, a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia. The two become fast friends and work on navigating both each other’s cultures, as well as the culture of the United States they’re studying in. Satoko and Nada is another 4koma series, with each page a new discovery of joy (or sometimes, just weirdness) for Satoko.

Satoka asks what the shrugging emoji stands for, thinking it some kind of code, and Nada responds with a visual demonstration.
This is my go-to explanation for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ from now on.

Satoko and Nada has the distinction of being one of the few I’ve recommended to my mother (who, among other things, works with Afghani and Pakistani women going to a local women’s college). From the perspective of a non-Muslim, I found the explanations of Islam helpful not just for the whats, but for the whys. For example, it’s revealed that Nada looks for a non-Muslim roommate after consulting her Quran for spiritual advice—because of her faith, not despite it. Americans reading this comic have a bonus in that it also gives glimpses into the Japanese culture though Satoko and her reactions to things. While there are some dramatic or scary situations, most of the volume is light and comedic, enough that I laughed out loud multiple times. The art style is sketchy and somewhat cartoony, calling to mind the simple yet expressive style of Nagata Kabi.


Soraho Ina
October 16, 2018

The awkward, shy Aoba, perpetually bullied by her classmates, escapes the harshness of her daily life through reading. When she finds a contract that allows her to become the heroine of one of her favorite books, Alice in Wonderland, she readily agrees and uses the contract’s wish to become better friends with her classmates. Her wish is granted and the bullying stops—but then she becomes drawn into a second, decaying world where she is expected to become Alice, at an unknown cost.

Aoba, in Alice's dress, is hounded by a zombie-like card soldier.

Fairy tale-inspired battles are hardly new (this was also the plot of my NaNoWriMo novel) and in a lot of ways, Fairy Tale Battle Royale doesn’t really break the mold. The art is pretty standard, and what we’ve seen of the setup doesn’t really strike out on its own either. That could, of course, change, as the first volume doesn’t dive too deeply and leaves more questions than it answers. There are two fun, inventive things it does that I really enjoyed: the first was the vagueness of Aoba’s wish, since becoming friends with everyone isn’t as simple as it seems. Aoba quickly realizes that if her classmates are being friendly with her, she needs to start being friendly with them as well and to learn how to be a good friend. It’s a good little bit of character building you don’t always see with the shy, ostracized school kid. The other was the use of social media as plot device and connector—Aoba meets another fairy tale character in the second world and uses Twitter to connect with him in the real world. And the both of them learn through a hashtag that many others are going through what they’re experiencing.


Kumiko Suekane
October 30, 2018

On the way to France to be married, Marie Antoinette and her mute twin, Alfred, are attacked by zombies. Only Alfred survives, under mysterious circumstances, but nonetheless makes his way to Paris to play the part of Marie and cement the alliance with France. Life in the court isn’t any easier. Alfred and his advisors have to protect the secret of his sex, as well as deal with court intrigue and the threat of the zombies lurking along the borders. And, uh, what’s this about demons?

Panel from Versailles of the Dead, featuring ravenous zombies and a blood-soaked leg protruding from a skirt on the ground

Look, I’m a sucker for a good crossdressing/swapping story, so I was excited for this one. Suekane’s art style is different from the other volumes so far in this Pubwatch, but pretty classic for a horror story—the zombies definitely feel inhuman, and the use of so much black works well. As for the plot, though, I feel like it tries to do both too much and not enough. The demonic possession element on top of everything else doesn’t seem to fit, and it leads to a climax at the end of the volume that I would expect from a one-shot, but which leaves questions for how the series intends to go from here. I would’ve been plenty happy with Alfred pissing off the king’s concubine and the tense relationship between him and Bastien, a royal guard who knows his secret. I’d totally pick up a second volume for more of that.


Yugo Ishikawa
November 20, 2018

Just another ordinary morning for Yukko, until she realizes she’s shrunk to action figure size! Potential safety lies outside her prefecture, but within it, cats, crows, other people, and even the JSDF are the enemy. The only allies are Yukko’s dog, and possibly a mysterious woman named Alice.

Yukko watches in horror as her neighbor is attacked/played with by a cat.

Whoof. This is definitely horror that doesn’t hold back. With its simple premise, it makes the mundane horrifying. The first deaths (of many) come at the paws of an indoor cat trying to play. And then it compounds on that by continuing the horror at the hands of terrified neighbors, drugged-up thugs, and ruthless government, bringing forth one of the best themes of Japanese psychological horror: that the most terrifying things are humans. The pacing in this volume also feels on-point, with pages building on previous ones. Letting Yukko set a concrete goal for herself even as she’s surrounded by more and more mysteries helps root us in the volume and give us something to hope for as well. Definitely something I’d recommend to any horror fans.


October 23, 2018

Massage therapist Naoe, after having an actual elf become one of his clients, decides that the problem with the world is women eating too much junk food. Thus begins his quest to rid the girls of the world of their love handles and chubby cheeks, one pound at a time! I wish I was kidding.

I wrote more in-depth about why exactly I didn’t like this work here, so to keep it short and sweet (ha ha): I found it to be less of a manga about character and more a doujinshi for fat-fetish men that somehow missed being placed in Ghost Ship’s hold. I found it tired, sexist, and gross. This is the title I’ve liked the least coming out of Seven Seas. I know that one of their niches is the harem fantasy and all its questionable tropes, but I hope their future harem choices have redeeming value outside the pin-ups (or at least have value in the pin-ups, because even the dirtiness of this manga isn’t thrilling.)

Also For Sail

BOOGIEPOP AT DAWN Vol. 6| Kouji Ogata, Kouhei Kadono | September 6, 2018
Volume 6 in this light novel series also features a six: six friends who try to use their psychic powers to protect both their futures and their secrets.

TORADORA! Vol. 8 | Yuyuko Takemiya and Zekkyo | September 11, 2018
Student council election drama and teenage rebellion abound in this volume of the manga about a toradere.

D-FRAG! Vol. 12 | Tomoya Haruno | September 11, 2018
Hey, I thought we were making games, not playing them! A rival school’s game dev club thinks otherwise, and challenges Kazama and company to a match.

THE ANCIENT MAGUS’ BRIDE Vol. 9 | Kore Yamazaki | September 11, 2018
Chise and Elias have had their first big fight—and worse, it’s sent Chise into an unlikely alliance with their biggest enemy, Cartaphilus! Can Chise repair her relationship with Elias, and does she want to?

DIDN’T I SAY TO MAKE MY ABILITIES AVERAGE IN THE NEXT LIFE?! Vol. 3 | FUNA and Itsuki Akata | September 11, 2018
This volume in the light novel series, Mile and her guild are confronted with something they can’t defeat with spells or swords—a tragic past.

HOW A REALIST HERO REBUILT THE KINGDOM Vol. 1 | Dojyomaru and Fuyuyuki | September 11, 2018
A new light novel entry into the specific but also enjoyable niche of “bringing modern tech and ideas into a JRPG setting.” (Econosekai?)

YOKAI GIRLS Vol. 4 | Kazuki Funatsu | September 18, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
The girls have rescued a stray kitten! Aww! The kitten is actually a catgirl on the run from a supernatural enemy. Less aww.

TO LOVE RU DARKNESS Vol. 6 | Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki | September 18, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
Rito and harem continue their attempts to rehabilitate the local assassin.

HIGH-RISE INVASION Vol. 3-4 | Takahiro Oba and Tsuina Miura | September 18, 2018
Brother and sister continue to fight through the deadly skyscraper, trying to figure out who’s pulling the strings in this two-volume omnibus.

GETTER ROBO DEVOLUTION Vol. 2 | Ken Ishikawa, Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi, and Go Nagai | September 18, 2018
The three Getter pilots are now together to fight against their mortal enemy, but Saotome still has doubts that he’s the hero everyone’s looking for.

HOUR OF THE ZOMBIE Vol. 7 | Tsukasa Saimura | September 25, 2018
The cast is split between vengeance on the zombies that have already killed so many, and the discovery that there might actually be a cure.

GENERATION WITCH Vol. 3 | Uta Isaki | September 25, 2018
The third volume collecting a series of stories about the daily life in a world where 1% of the population is blessed/cursed with magical powers.

DRAGON HALF Omnibus 2 | Ryusuke Mita | September 25, 2018
Mink’s quest to defeat the lord of all evil get the boy to date her continues in this middle volume.

The final volume of the chibi 4koma adventures of the Vocaloid star.

12 BEAST Vol. 6 | OKAYADO | September 25, 2018
From the author of Monster Musume, an ordinary boy (who’s also the descendent of a famous line of ninja, so maybe not that ordinary) gets kidnapped and brought to a fantasy world to fight the forces there.

SOUL LIQUID CHAMBERS Vol. 2 | Nozomu Tamaki | September 25, 2018
The gang has to survive the dark underside of a seeming paradise amidst the zombie apocalypse.

DEVILMAN GRIMOIRE Vol. 4 | Go Nagai and Rui Takato | September 25, 2018
Not content to be the damsel in distress, Miki has gained demonic powers of her own. Brb, going to get all of this series RIGHT NOW.

MAGICAL GIRL SPEC-OPS ASUKA Vol. 4 | Makoto Fukami and Seigo Tokiya | September 25, 2018
Asuka must rally her old comrades to fight a war-seeking enemy… who’s recruited a magical girl of his own!

THE GIRL FROM THE OTHER SIDE: SIÚIL A RÚN Vol. 5 | Nagabe | September 25, 2018
The small girl from the Inside, Shiva, has been afflicted with the Outside’s Curse—can Teacher fix it?

NEW GAME! Vol. 3 | Shotaro Tokuno | September 25, 2018
The continuing 4koma adventures of a pint-size game dev.

Miss Black became a villain so she could get closer to her heroic crush. I’m not saying this was a dumb idea, but maybe it would’ve been better to have become his sidekick, a position that unfortunately just got filled by someone cute…

A CENTAUR’S LIFE Vol. 15 | Kei Murayama | September 25, 2018
The various creatures of Himeno’s class must band together to fight off terrorists. Uh, too soon for us in the US, Japan…

NOT LIVES Vol. 10 | Wataru Karasuma | September 25, 2018
It’s the final volume, which means it’s time for the final boss in this MMO gone deadly.

MAGICAL GIRL SITE Vol. 7 | Kentaro Sato | September 25, 2018
Someone important has died, and sadly, it’s not Aya’s asshole brother. You know your magical girl world is dangerous when just going to a funeral may get you killed…

TO LOVE RU Vols. 9-10 | Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki | September 25, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
This is the prequel to To Love Ru Darkness, so the girls haven’t hatched their “Rito just marries everyone” plan—battling it out, it is!

CRISIS GIRLS Vol. 2 | Hiroaki Yoshikawa | October 2, 2018
You met them in the first volume; now in this final volume, you get to meet their biggest enemy. Off-kilter magical girls unite!

CAPTAIN HARLOCK: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION Vol. 2 | Leiji Matsumoto | October 2, 2018
The middle omnibus sees the conflict get worse as the crew of the Arcadia discover how much the Mazon have already conquered.

HIMOUTO! UMARU-CHAN Vol. 3 | Sankakuhead | October 9, 2018
Terror darkens Umaru’s doorstep as she might have to eat something that’s not junk food!

Ziska sets out on her own to try and keep a kelpie alive until her master can get there to help.

SPIRIT CIRCLE Vol. 5 | Satoshi Mizukami | October 9, 2018
The future is cis-swapped, and therefore it is awesome. Because Fuuta doesn’t have enough problems maintaining his identity…

WORLD’S END HAREM Vol. 3 | LINK and Kotaro Shono | October 9, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
The girls try to lure Shota into sex with something even more tempting than fanservice: secret backstories!

HOW NOT TO SUMMON A DEMON LORD Vol. 2 | Yukiya Murasaki and Naoto Fukuda | October 16, 2018
The second volume of the manga has the not-evil demon lord and his new harem setting out on a JRPG quest.

THE VOYNICH HOTEL Vol. 2 | Douman Seiman | October 16, 2018
Tagged as “you probably shouldn’t vacation here,” but come on, a serial killer can’t be THAT bad.

MISS KOBAYASHI’S DRAGON MAID: KANNA’S DAILY LIFE Vol. 3 | coolkyousinnjya and Mitsuhiro Kimura | October 16, 2018
Kanna gets her summer of youth in the sun. Dragons aren’t sensitive to heat, right? They are? Whoops…

BOOGIEPOP OMNIBUS VOL. 1-3 | Kouhei Kadono and Kouji Ogata | October 16, 2018
A rerelease of the first three Boogiepop light novels for your spooky economical reading pleasure.

THERE’S A DEMON LORD ON THE FLOOR Vol. 6 | Masaki Kawakami and Hato | October 23, 2018
The restaurateur demon lord now has a new coworker: the hero. I’m sure that whole battle for the fate of the world isn’t going to cause any workplace tension!

MADE IN ABYSS Vol. 4 | Akihito Tsukushi | October 23, 2018
Riko, having narrowly avoided death, charges straight for it again in the Garden of the Flowers of Fortitude. Riko, have you just considered a rousing game of Chicken instead? But gosh, the cover art for this one is pretty.

NAMELESS ASTERISM Vol. 3 | Kina Kobayashi | October 23, 2018
The wobbly love circle between the three best friends gets wobblier, and meanwhile, this volume has also been tagged for BL? Have my shipping wishes for Subaru and Asakura come true?

MAGICAL GIRL APOCALYPSE Vol. 16 | Kentaro Sato | October 23, 2018
The final battle is over and the world may have ended…but who lets that stop them? The final volume of the sister series to Magical Girl Site.

HARUKANA RECEIVE Vol. 2 | Nyoijizai | October 23, 2018
It wouldn’t be a sports manga without a tournament, so let’s just get straight to it, shall we?

The “wrong person” in question is a chain-smoking, bat wielding delinquent who has no problems punching friend or foe. Wrong person, or right person?

THE ANCIENT MAGUS’ BRIDE SUPPLEMENT I | Kore Yamazaki | October 30, 2018
Never before seen artwork and notes from the hit manga series, detailing some of the mythology and characters found within.

TRUE TENCHI MUYO! Vol. 2 | Masaki Kajishima and Yousuke Kuroda | October 30, 2018
The continuing light novel adventures of Yosho, Tenchi’s grandfather, and the continuing answer to the question, “why Earth?”

DREAMIN’ SUN Vol. 8 | Ichigo Takano | October 30, 2018
Amid the ongoing personal problems of her friends, Shimana struggles with her feelings for her landlord, Taiga.

Whoever said that absence makes the heart grow fonder hasn’t seen Dale’s reaction to being called away from Latina for a trip to the capital. A long, long trip…

MONONOKE SHARING Vol. 3 | coolkyousinnjya | October 30, 2018
Yata goes to bat for her mononoke buddies as the landlord threatens to evict them.

YOKAI RENTAL SHOP, Vol. 4 | Shin Mashiba | October 30, 2018
Half-brothers Karasu and Hiiragi—and their other half-brother, Enju—may have different motives, but they have to come together to take down their scummy dad, the ruler over all youkai. And you thought you had family troubles?  This is the final volume, so it’s do or die now.

GRIMGAR OF FANTASY AND ASH Vol. 8 | Ao Jyumonji and Eiri Shirai | October 30, 2018
Volume 8 in the light novel series. There’s no place like your isekai home to make things worse. The group has made it back to Grimgar, but things have gotten, pardon the pun, much grimmer.

MY MONSTER SECRET Vol. 13 | Eiji Masuda | October 30, 2018
In a break from teenage secrets, the demon principal Akane does her best to avoid the only thing scarier than her – the dentist.

TO LOVE RU DARKNESS Vol. 7 | Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki | October 30, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
Haruna is one of the few in this harem opposed to polyamory, so the rest of the girls are going to fix that by getting her drunk. Sure, this seems ethically acceptable!

NURSE HITOMI’S MONSTER INFIRMARY Vol. 8 | Shake-O | October 30, 2018
Just in time for Halloween, Hitomi acts as camp counselor for a bunch of teenage monsters, which, other than the monster part, are filling all the tropes of a spooky school camping trip.

THE BRIDE & THE EXORCIST KNIGHT Vol. 2 | Keiko Ishihara | November 6, 2018
Haru the exorcist suggests that Anne the sought-after avoid all the demons’ betrothals by marrying him instead. The catch: he’s… twelve?

MISS KOBAYASHI’S DRAGON MAID Vol. 7 | coolkyousinnjya | November 6, 2018
Camping seems popular this time of year! Of course, someone’s going to get lost…

SORRY FOR MY FAMILIAR Vol. 3 | Tekka Yaguraba | November 6, 2018
Patty meets an old friend of her familiar who just happens to hate demons. They’re still going to need his help dealing with the problems in this volume, though.

THE TESTAMENT OF SISTER NEW DEVIL STORM! Vol. 5 | Tetsuto Uesu and Fumihiro Kiso | November 6, 2018
The final volume of this spinoff ends in a “passionate climax” which might send Mio back to the underworld.

THE DUNGEON OF BLACK COMPANY Vol. 2 | Youhei Yasumura | November 6, 2018
Just like in any tycoon game, Kinji’s method of making his fortune is to hire a lot of women to do the work for him.

YOKAI GIRLS Vol. 5 | Kazuki Funatsu | November 6, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
“But when are all these sexy girls going to the beach?!” you may ask. Now. The answer is now.

DEVILMAN: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION Vol. 2 | Go Nagai | November 13, 2018
The second half of Devilman has Akira and Ryo fighting against the demon threat while they dig into how the world got there in the first place… and where it’s going to end up.

BEASTS OF ABIGAILE Vol. 4 | Spica Aoki | November 20, 2018
The final volume of this teen-wolf series might see Abigaile itself destroyed.

SHOMIN SAMPLE Vol. 9 | Takafumi Nanatsuki and Risumai | November 20, 2018
Kimoto’s childhood friend Eri (who is also a very accomplished voice actor/idol) has come to rescue him from this all-girls school. Oh no, she might actually succeed!

CAPTAIN HARLOCK: DIMENSIONAL VOYAGE Vol. 6 | Leiji Matsumoto and Kouiti Shimaboshi | November 20, 2018
Mazon and Arcadia face off on the surface of a foreign planet as a third party also enters the battle: Emeraldas!

JUANA AND THE DRAGONEWT’S SEVEN KINGDOMS Vol. 3 | Kiyohisa Tanaka | November 20, 2018
Nid and Juana are finally close to finding Juana’s family… and the truth of her existence. The third volume brings this series to a close.

TORADORA! Vol. 3 | Yuyuko Takemiya and Yasu | November 20, 2018
In this volume of the light novel, Ryuji must teach the toradere Taiga to swim, otherwise Ami is going to claim his summer vacation.

DIDN’T I SAY TO MAKE MY ABILITIES AVERAGE IN THE NEXT LIFE?! Vol. 4 | FUNA and Itsuki Akata | November 20, 2018
In this volume of the light novel version, Mile’s guild’s next job is to subdue an elder dragon. Suddenly, those above-average abilities don’t seem so bad… but can she actually use them now?

AKASHIC RECORDS OF BASTARD MAGIC INSTRUCTOR Vol. 5 | Taro Hitsuji and Aosa Tsunemi | November 20, 2018
Tagged by Seven Seas as “adventures in sloppy teaching.” If it’s not camping, it’s summer vacations and secret backstories!

I WANT TO EAT YOUR PANCREAS | Yoru Sumino | November 20, 2018
No cannibalism involved. Just the light novel of a boy, a girl, and their shared secret: that she’s dying of cancer.

NIRVANA Vol. 3 | ZOWLS (Jin & Sayuki) and Sayuki | November 27, 2018
Having survived one battle as the goddess of hope, it’s time for Yachiyo to go on a new adventure in a new nation.

DEVILMAN VS. HADES Vol. 3 | Go Nagai and Team Moon | November 27, 2018
Hades has promised to bring Miki back to life if Devilman destroys the invincible giant robot, Mazinger Z. We knows what he’s going to choose… but will he actually win? The conclusion of this war comes in this final volume!

SAINT SEIYA: SAINTIA SHŌ Vol. 4 | Masami Kurumada and Chimaki Kuori | November 27, 2018
It wouldn’t be Saint Seiya without a fighting tournament. It’s Shoko’s last chance to escape the days of battle and evil gods and go live a normal life…

ABSOLUTE DUO Vol. 4 | Shinichirou Nariie and Takumi Hiiragiboshi | November 27, 2018
More swimsuits! More beach! Who cares about mysterious evil forces starting to make a move when there’s a harem? But those mysterious forces better move fast, because this is the final volume.

ARIFURETA: FROM COMMONPLACE TO WORLD’S STRONGEST Vol. 3 | Ryo Shirakome and RoGa | November 27, 2018
Another volume of the manga, which has Hajime on a new leg of his journey. Not satisfied with an immortal lover, the newest addition to his harem is an “annoying” bunny girl.

THE HIGH SCHOOL LIFE OF A FUDANSHI Vol. 4 | Atami Michinoku | November 27, 2018
The continued comedy of screaming about your ships in the face of a friend (who might be warming up to the idea).

CLOCKWORK PLANET Vol. 3 | Yuu Kamiya, Tsubaki, and Himana Shino | November 27, 2018
The next volume of this light novel series has the gang facing off against a superweapon, which for clockwork people is a giant electromagnet.

YUUNA AND THE HAUNTED HOT SPRINGS Vol. 4 | Tadahiro Miura | November 27, 2018 | Ghost Ship release
Kogarashi decides to get serious and finally do some digging into Yuuna’s backstory. He struggles valiantly to not be distracted by the girl ninja gathering happening nearby.

In Other News

In October, Seven Seas turned fourteen years old! For someone (me) who has been involved with anime and manga since the 1990s, this feels both really young and really old, especially when I look at some of the companies that have come and gone. Here’s to many more years!

While Seven Seas commonly releases e-book and print simultaneously on their modern releases, their older works that predate the spread of Kobo and Kindle aren’t available as digital. This is changing as Seven Seas continues to do regular releases of their backlog into digital. If you’re watching for a particular book, you can check for them here and keep an eye on their social media!

Seven Seas has also compiled a full list of their 2018 releases, which can be found here if you want to review the year or catch up on anything you might’ve missed.

In non-book news, remember how Seven Seas licensed a card game for release on US shores? Now the My Hero Academia card game is available for purchase!

Finally, this is just dang cool.

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