Day: January 2, 2019

Cover art: Clueless: One Last Summer: Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn (writing); Siobhan Keenan (art); Cathy Le (colors); Jim Campbell (letters); Natacha Bustos (cover art)

Ordinary Girls, Not Yet Ordinary Women: Clueless: One Last Summer

Clueless: One Last Summer Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn (writing); Siobhan Keenan (art); Cathy Le (colors);  Jim Campbell (letters); Natacha Bustos (cover art) BOOM! Studios December, 2018 For ’90s kids who rented it every weekend from Blockbuster, Clueless represented something iconic. Delicious costuming, arch one-liners, and relatably memorable moments (Tai knocking herself out while dancing!…

The cover of Volume 35, featuring Natsu and several others in soft, hopeful tones.

Hipster Manga: 7 Seeds

7 Seeds Yumi Tamura Shougakukan Content warnings: 7 Seeds contains violence, death that is sometimes gruesome, and an attempted rape. Yumi Tamura hasn’t had a series released in English since Basara, her award-winning fantasy epic of the 1990s. This might lead her fans in the Anglosphere to think she’s stopped work or that she peaked…