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    Tia Kalla

    Longtime writer, temporary office minion, and nerd of all trades, tiakall is a fan of lengthy subordinate clauses and the Oxford comma. She enjoys plants, cats, puns of varying quality, and making cannibal jokes before it was cool.

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  • Bodacious Space Pirates Shoots for the Stars … And Misses

    Bodacious Space Pirates Shoots for the Stars … And Misses0

    Bodacious Space Pirates Tatsuo Sato (writer), Chibimaru (illustrator) Media Factory December 2013-September 2014 Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Bodacious Space Pirates. When I happened to come across the title Bodacious Space Pirates, I was definitely interested. It’s pirates! In space! And they’re bodacious! What’s not to like? After reading both volumes, though, I found the

  • Review: Magical Princess Sky

    Review: Magical Princess Sky0

    Magical Princess Sky Allie Malott Self-published 2018 When you have a genre like magical girls that’s gone on long enough to be slammed full of tropes, you can approach making a new work in a number of ways. You can play it straight without any innovation and become cliche. You can poke fun at it