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    Tia Kalla

    Longtime writer, temporary office minion, and nerd of all trades, tiakall is a fan of lengthy subordinate clauses and the Oxford comma. She enjoys plants, cats, puns of varying quality, and making cannibal jokes before it was cool.

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  • Momocon: A Convention for Fans of All Kinds

    Momocon: A Convention for Fans of All Kinds0

    It had only been a month since the cancellation and resulting fallout of Universal Fan Con, and it was still on my mind. Not so much the actual event, but all the fans and vendors that had been let down. As a fan, it hurts when I see other fans being bailed on and having

  • Don’t Eat That: Tapas’s Incubator Program

    Don’t Eat That: Tapas’s Incubator Program0

    When it comes to the publishing industry, my background is largely in fiction prose. I’ve spent years reading and researching fiction publishing contracts, learning what the terms mean and what the red flags are. I’ve seen all sorts of rights and royalties fuckery attempts from the incompetent and the outright scammy, sometimes with tragic, “Here’s

  • Journey Across the Seven Seas: Girls, Girls, Girls

    Journey Across the Seven Seas: Girls, Girls, Girls0

    Time for our next round of manga from Seven Seas Entertainment! Coming up, we have magical girls, armored girls, and girls with spiders. Wait, don’t leave! It’s a cute spider!

  • Women of Mangaka: Yuu Watase

    Women of Mangaka: Yuu Watase0

    During the 1990s, a time of relatively few shojo manga series (or manga series in general, really) being translated to English, one of the cornerstones that everyone at least knew of was Fushigi Yuugi, an anime based on the manga by Yuu Watase. For lots of girls of that age, the protagonist, high school girl