Get Ready for a Silver Sprocket Takeover

Silver Sprocket is a comic book publisher like no other: they’re a collective of artists and friends who create radical books alongside zines, music, and art. You might have heard of some of their most well known books, such as Ben Passmore’s radical look at microaggressions Your Black Friend and Michael Sweater’s much-shared webcomic Please Keep Warm. If you’ve yet to be lucky enough to read any of their comics, you might have seen them at conventions where their table is staffed by their creators, or you might remember last year’s Eisners when Passmore’s Your Black Friend was robbed of winning Best One-Shot. Silver Sprocket has an attitude and ethos that the homogeneous world of comics desperately needs, and they are breaking in, both figuratively and literally, with a non-exclusive contract with Diamond that means their previously tough-to-get-hold-of books will soon be available and accessible in your local comic shop. I picked a few of the twelve titles coming spring/summer 2018 that I’m most excited about to highlight right here!

Your Black Friend

Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben Passmore (C) Silver Sprocket 2018.

Ben Passmore is one of my favorite cartoonists; his radical comic Your Black Friend, which acts as an open letter about racism, alienation, friendship, and daily microaggessions, is a powerhouse read that was originally published by Silver Sprocket in 2016. This new deluxe hardcover collection will reprint Your Black Friend, as well as Passmore’s strips from both VICE and The Nib. Passmore’s strip for The Nib about Charlottesville and the dangerous idea of neutrality in the face of racism, fascism, and violence stands as one of the most powerful and necessary responses to the neo-Nazi rally and the murder of Heather Heyer. Passmore’s political comics for both outlets are outstanding and a chance to own them in a format you can hold in your hands and enjoy over and over again is frankly exhilarating.

Your Black Friend and Other Strangers is out from Silver Sprocket in February 2018.

No Gods No Dungeon Masters

No Gods No Dungeon Masters by Rachel Dukes, Io, Andy Warner, & Hannah Fisher

Culturally, stuff that’s deemed as nerdy or geeky is often tied to misogynistic, right-leaning, often white men, erasing a thriving and passionate sub-culture. No Gods No Dungeon Masters is a book that looks at how “radical leftist values and geek predilections can inform one another” whilst also exploring how to create spaces that encourage radical thought. As well as, you know, teaching us how magic and sorcery are real, and how we can use them to protect ourselves against very real threats, like cops. Count me the fuck in.

No Gods No Dungeon Masters drops in your local comic shop in February 2018.

No Better Words

No Better Words by Carolyn Nowak (c) Silver Sprocket 2018.

Do you love Poetry and Porn? Then Lumberjanes’ Carolyn Nowak’s No Better Words is right up your alley. This collection is a navigation of lust, love and connection threaded through with magical realism. Nowak’s illustrations are astoundingly moving, and her line work, along with her use of color, are utterly immersive. No Better Words is a book you can lose yourself in and a true joy.

It hits comic shops in March 2018, so that more people can enjoy it’s power.

Please Keep Warm

This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection by Michael Sweater

You’ve probably seen Please Keep Warm on Instagram, or maybe VICE? Either way, if you’re on the internet and read comics you’ve likely stumbled across Michael Sweater’s cute creations. This collection will see the characters adventures together in publication for the first time, alongside a who new arc set a year before their online stories. I adore Please Keep Warm. Sweater’s observations manage to be scathing, sweet, and all too relatable, plus the world that Sweater creates is one that once you discover you rarely want to leave.

You lucky folks will be able to get your hands on This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection in March 2018.


Daygloayhole #1 by Ben Passmore (C) Silver Sprocket 2018.

In case you didn’t realise, I really, really like Ben Passmore. His work is a breath of fresh air in a stale and tired landscape, and I cannot freaking wait to read his first serialized comic Daygloayhole. Passmore’s vision of a post-apocalyptic world is unlike any other and looks like it’ll be chock full of gore, punk AF shit, political commentary, and radical humor, and I am so excited for it.

You can grab Daygloayhole #1 when it hits your LCS in April 2018.

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