• Modern Fantasy: Escapist Fare with Excellent Worldbuilding

    Modern Fantasy: Escapist Fare with Excellent Worldbuilding0

    Modern Fantasy  Rafer Roberts (Writer), Kristen Gudsnuk (Artist) Dark Horse Comics 9 January, 2019 Sage of the Riverlands has her head in the clouds. She craves adventure and some purpose for her life. Instead, she’s stuck in a boring data-entry job with unhelpful co-workers, thanks to a colossal mountain of student loan debt. This is

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34: Rangers Unleashed!

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34: Rangers Unleashed!0

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 “Beyond the Grid” Marguerite Bennett (Writer), Simone Di Meo (Artist), Alessandro Cappuccio (Artist), Francesco Mortarino (Artist), Walter Baiamonte (Colours), Francesco Segala (Colours), Ed Dukeshire (Letters) “The New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor” Ryan Ferrier (Writer), Bachan (Artist), Jeremy Lawson (Colours), Jim Campbell (Letters) BOOM! Studios 26 December, 2018 Rejoice!

  • Livewire #1: Actions, Reactions, and Consequences

    Livewire #1: Actions, Reactions, and Consequences0

    Livewire #1 Vita Ayala (Writer), Raúl Allén (Artist), Patricia Martín (Artist), Saida Temofonte (Letters) Valiant Comics 19 December, 2018 Amanda McKee, a.k.a. Livewire, used to be a hero. She worked alongside the U.S. government to save those in danger using her teletechnopathic powers. But the government turned against her and her people—psiots, people with abilities.