• Ignatz Alert: How to Be Alive

    Ignatz Alert: How to Be Alive2

    How to Be Alive Tara Booth 2017 Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics How to Be Alive turns a collection of Tara Booth’s gouache vignettes into a complicated, intense look at Booth’s everyday life that swings from hilarious to saddening in the turn of a page. From dragging on the layers required to face a cold day

  • Wash Day Teaches Black Women How To Care For Their Natural Hair

    Wash Day Teaches Black Women How To Care For Their Natural Hair0

    Wash Day Jamila Rowser (writer), Robyn Smith (illustrator), J.A. Micheline (script editor) Black Josei Press June 2018 Disclaimer: J.A. Micheline has written for Women Write About Comics. Wash Day is a mini slice-of-life comic that aims to show black women just how beautiful they are. The story, penned and illustrated by Jamila Rowser and Robyn

  • Short & Sweet: TCAF 2016 Edition

    Short & Sweet: TCAF 2016 Edition0

    Angel and I had a blast at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF); a free festival for the public where they can check out cool indie comics, creators and panels. I wrote about my experience of the festival which you can read here. We grabbed a ton of comics but couldn’t review our entire haul due to

  • Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution

    Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution0

    Cathy G. Johnson’s Dear Amanda plays catch with you for a while. Then it knocks the ball out of your hands. You thought you were reading a simple diary comic? You were reading a rather complex meditation on perspective, in fact. It knocked the ball out of my hands, I should say. Reading experiences may

  • When Romance Comics Hated Women

    When Romance Comics Hated Women3

    When I was a teenager and first reading poetry, I inherited (basically stole) my mum’s copy of The Penguin Book of Love Poetry. It’s from the 1970s, has her name written in the front in blue pen, and the cover focuses on a detail from Bronzino’s Allegory with Venus and Cupid. Here’s a photo of

  • Back to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Revival Roundtable

    Back to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Revival Roundtable0

    After much speculation and back and forth, the Gilmore Girls (GG) revival is finally underway and currently filming. Several of the WWAC GG fangurls, Draven Katayama, Ginnis Tonik, Al Rosenberg, and Kate Tanski sat down, figuratively, to discuss our hopes and dreams for the revival and even share a little flash GG fanfiction!