• CB Cebulski’s Asian Mask: Why the Anger?

    CB Cebulski’s Asian Mask: Why the Anger?7

    UPDATE: The Dark Horse statement below has been updated to the correct version. In 2004 a white man named CB Cebulski pretended to be a Japanese one named Akira Yoshida. “Yoshida” wrote comics for Marvel while Cebulski worked as an Editor at Marvel. Cebulski was recently instated as Editor in Chief at Marvel, and with

  • Previously, On Comics: Rights, Rights, Rights

    Previously, On Comics: Rights, Rights, Rights0

    Here we are again, with another week of news from the comics world brought straight to you. We do hope you had some good time off this weekend, whether you had a holiday or not. This week on Previously, there’s some good news and some bad news. We’ll balance it all out for you here.

  • Previously On Comics

    Previously On Comics0

    Good morning! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. Let’s start with the most important: Kate Beaton’s sister is sick, and needs support. She’s struggling with a very aggressive form of cancer, and it’s severe enough that they’re pursuing special clinical trials. Kate provides some further explanation here: I wrote this out, I hope not