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Red Sonja

Review: Red Sonja #2-6

Red Sonja Vol. 3, #2-6 Marguerite Bennett (writer), Aneke (illustrator), Aneke & Diego Galindo (illustrators #4-5), Jorge Sutil (colorist), Jorge Sutil & Morgan Hickman (colorists on #3), Erica Schultz (letterer) Dynamite 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on advanced review copies from Dynamite. I had been anticipating Bennett’s work on Red Sonja ever since Dynamite…

Red Sonja

Review: Red Sonja Vol. 3, #1

Red Sonja #1 Marguerite Bennett (script), Aneke (art), Jorge Sutil (colors), Erica Schultz (letters), Marguerite Sauvage (main cover) Variants: Jay Anacleto, Tula Lotay, Tony Fleecs, Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott, Robert Hack Dynamite January 13, 2016 (Note: This review is based on an advanced digital copy from Dynamite and may contain spoilers.) Here it is! The…

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Review: Toil & Trouble #3

Toil & Trouble #3 Mairghread Scott (script), Kelly & Nichole Matthews (art), Warrent Montgomery (letters), Kyla Vanderklugt (cover) Archaia November 4, 2015 This issue, the midway point of this miniseries, finally reveals one of the most contested characters of Shakespeare’s canon—the engimatic Lady Macbeth.