• Seeing Surrealism in Comics

    Seeing Surrealism in Comics1

    I started researching Surrealism, more specifically Women Surrealists, over ten years ago, writing both my M.A. dissertation and then my PhD thesis on the subject. I have a particular interest with Surrealism’s connections to the female body, fashion, and magic/alchemy/witchcraft, but the movement is wide and its influence felt in many places. As a result,

  • Snap Flash Hustle: Milennial American Josei

    Snap Flash Hustle: Milennial American Josei0

    Snap Flash Hustle #1 Jim Campbell (letterer), Emily Pearson (artist), Pat Shand (writer) Black Mask December 5, 2018 Snap Flash Hustle is pure josei, the josei-est American comic book I’ve had the catharsis to read.

  • The Perfect Squirrel Girl Shirt And Other Stories

    The Perfect Squirrel Girl Shirt And Other Stories1

    It’s gift-guide season, and all through the house, we’ve got presents wrapping while we scream “what else??” The listicles listing the things we could buy make us ponder and wonder and start to ask why— Is it worth it to buy things all branded and fine? Are Pop Vinyls worth much when they lose Christmas