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Monthly Marvel Muster: Flux!

Welcome to Monthly Marvel Muster! It’s a new column where I’ll be taking a monthly look at some of what’s going on in the Marvel Comics universe – both the big events and the smaller stories – and highlighting some of my favourite series and creators. Let’s catch up. July was something of a transitionary…

Sean Poppe presents: Two Eerie Tales, 2014

And Then They Died: Sean Poppe’s Cackling Horror Comics

Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy provided by the cartoonist. Short horror fiction has perhaps the widest reach of all genres. Campfires, midnight radio, parody advertisements, pulp fiction for eight-year-olds, and anthology television all boast a firm ground in the genre-format. Readers and viewers alike love the twist in the tale that so…

DC Daily Planet: Hello, Goodbye

Hello all! One thing before we get started today: this is my last DC Daily Planet post for the near future! I’ve had some exciting opportunities come up that I need to devote some time to — but fear not! I’ll (hopefully) be back and bringing you the very soap box laden news in no…