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Despite the MCU, well, existing, I still get a little tingly about the fact that comics continue to hit the mainstream media nowadays, like G. Willow Wilson’s new Wonder Woman making headlines over at Vogue. It’s not always a good tingly feeling, especially in those moments when the comics industry likes to prove how trash it can be, but hey, I can’t always expect sunshine and roses. Thankfully, this week’s news is mostly on the bright side.

Since 2016, Lion Forge’s new marketing directions have kept the company steaming ahead, but that momentum seems to have hit a stumbling block with the news that twelve employees have been laid off. The company had the following to say in a prepared statement: “While the company remains healthy, we have taken a hard look at how best to focus our efforts for continued success. As part of this process, we have made some difficult decisions, and none more difficult than in the case of personnel. As we move forward, we are working to continue to best position the company for both critical and sales success in a changing market.”

Koyama Press announced that they will once again be sponsoring 12 of Lyla Rye’s workshops in 2019, with preference given to POC and LGBTQ artists.

Submissions are now being accepted until March 2019 for CREATORS for CREATORS. The grant awards $30,000 to an single cartoonist or writer/artist duo in support of a new and original work.

Following last week’s news about Abram’s Publishing pulling A Suicide Bomber Sits in a Library, The Guardian offered more details on the protests surrounding the book, including a 1,000 signature strong petition from the Asian Author Alliance, where teachers, writers, and readers considered the book to be “steeped in Islamophobia and profound ignorance.”  To put it lightly. Author Dave McKean is learning a hard lesson about his role in this process. “I already had my doubts that a story like this should come from outside the community involved, and the arguments on Twitter convinced me that it shouldn’t.”

Maybe one day doubts like this will cause creators to step back immediately from such a project, instead of waiting to be convinced by the communities who have had to repeatedly make these arguments in the first place.

Participating in conventions can be a costly affair. How costly? George Rohoc is looking to find out. But it’s no secret that the high costs are making it harder and harder for independent creators and small publishers to afford costs that go well beyond tabling. Fortunately, there are those who wish to support their fellow creatives:

Publisher’s Weekly interviewed some of the new generation of African-American book publishing professionals, including Lion Forge’s Christina “Steenz” Stewart, who shared their thoughts on the state of the industry.

With the year coming to a close, it’s a great time to look back on the good stuff that happened, including the best reads of the year. Several “Best of” lists have already appeared, including:

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And this is very cool:


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