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15-year-old Claudette Colvin is arrested in Colored - The Unsung Life of Claudette Colvin Cover. Written and drawn by Émilie Plateau. Published by Dargaud (French) and Europe Comics (English). April 17, 2019.

Colored: The Unsung Life of Claudette Colvin Examines A Civil Rights Hero

Colored: The Unsung Life of Claudette Colvin Émilie Plateau (Writer and Artist), Montana Kane (Translation), Cromatik Ltd. (Letters) Dargaud (French), Europe Comics (English) April 17, 2019 Disclaimer: Izneo has provided WWAC with a VIP Access Pass. Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama, fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin had done the…

Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo. Published by Coamix and North Star Pictures, on Silent Manga Audition, 2015. ©2001-2017 TSUKASA HOJO/NSP

Hipster Manga: Angel Heart

Although it’s only half the name of the series, “heart” is literally at the center of the long-running manga Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo. (Literally-literally, not figuratively-literally.) It’s both a story of a transplanted heart and the code name of a young assassin aptly named Glass Heart. After a particularly gut-wrenching kill, Glass Heart decides…

Comics Has An Abuse Problem: Taneka Stotts Opens Up About Her Assault At SDCC

Comics has long been an industry rife with abuse, exploitation, and seriously problematic behavior from creators and publishers alike. But despite the apparently inevitable, many of us strive to make the space better, to excommunicate those who harm others, and to create authentic work that speaks to our lived experience whilst navigating the often racist,…