Mighty Marvel Monday: All About the Ladies

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I have learned that the best part about writing Mighty Marvel Mondays is that I get to pick what to write about. And even though Marvel released the official Age of Ultron poster this past week, and released Faith No More’s Superhero on their website yesterday–

I’m all about the women this week.

Agent Carter had its last episode, maybe ever, this past Tuesday and I am in need of cheering up, since we still have no idea what Black Widow’s role is in Age of Ultron, and the Captain Marvel movie has been delayed because Spider-Man. But hey, Howard the Duck is getting a whole month commemorating him in April, so it’s good to know Marvel is focusing on the important things.

In case you’re in the same boat, here is the awesome lady-centric Marvel news from this past week:

A-Force #1. W: Wilson & Bennett. A: Molina. Marvel comics, 2015
A-Force cover art by Jim Cheung

 I almost put this in last week’s column, but I’m glad I saved it for this week. Remember the A-Force, Marvel’s all-female Avengers? G. Willow Wilson gave an extensive NPR Interview all about it and I am so incredibly excited. I’m especially excited because of the inclusion of Singularity, who, as an alien, does not have what Wilson calls “natal gender” but nonetheless identifies — or in Wilson’s words, “manifests”– as a woman.

Also all over my social media this week was what comics journalists and fans have been describing as Thor’s “feminist” critique, and it’s gloriously meta on one level:

Thor #5 - Page 5 Thor #5 - Page 6

But I’ll be honest — I wish I were feeling it more. The problem with this critique is not that it’s untrue, or unfunny, or even unhelpful; it’s that women generally can’t go around breaking the jaws of every comic book guy who says something sexist about female comic book characters or female comic book fans in general.

Finally, a story near and dear to my heart, and combining two things that I love. 1) I recently started following Noelle Stevensen on Twitter and am developing a girlcrush approaching embarrassing levels, and 2) Runaways was one of the comic book series that got me into comics. (And then Brian K. Vaughan killed the character I identified with, and I have hated him ever since.) But my pain and mourning of Gertrude Yorkes is somewhat mollified by the fact that my beloved Noelle Stevensen is slated to revive Runaways. Sort of. As the article explains, it’s not any of the actual Runaways from Brian K. Vaughan’s series, but the potential cast and the writer are enough to get me to pull the first issue, at least.



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One last thing–

I spent a few hours on Saturday at the Long Beach Comic Expo, and considering the fact that it is a tiny comic book convention, I was very pleased to see Marvel ladies represented. There was an awesome female Thor I sadly missed getting a picture of, but included below are the two Spider-Gwens, and the Peggy Carter, Jarvis, and Angie I found.

photo 1 (5) photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (6) photo 2 (6)

You’re welcome.

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