• I Don’t Need Adornments: On Phantom Thief Jeanne’s Maron Kusakabe

    I Don’t Need Adornments: On Phantom Thief Jeanne’s Maron Kusakabe0

    Content Warning: This piece contains discussion of rape. Recently, I changed the wallpaper on my phone to Phantom Thief Jeanne, the titular heroine of Arina Tanemura’s ’90s manga series Phantom Thief Jeanne. It was beautiful, but I soon wanted to change it to Maron Kusakabe, Phantom Thief Jeanne’s civilian identity. This was due to the fact

  • Why you Should Read Haikyu!!

    Why you Should Read Haikyu!!0

    With the state of the world being what it is right now, why not escape with a good, long serial manga about friendship and trying your best? If you’ve spent any time around anime fans in the last few years, you’ve probably already heard of Haikyu!!, the anime and manga about a high schooler who

  • Blue Flag Studies Relationship Geometry

    Blue Flag Studies Relationship Geometry1

    Ao no Flag is a monthly manga by KAITO serialized in Jump+ and simulpublished in English on Mangaplus, a high school slice of life romance comic that goes above and beyond the boundaries that classification may imply. Blue Flag’s premise is simple: two boys, popular baseball star Touma and average nobody Taichi, are best friends.

  • VIZWATCH: New Viz Manga in Early 2018

    VIZWATCH: New Viz Manga in Early 20180

    Happy holidays ya nerds! Here’s what I read from VIZ for the last half of November through December and January. Sorry this is so late! Life juiced lemons into my eyeballs for a few weeks and here we are.

  • VIZWATCH: An Introduction to Current Manga!

    VIZWATCH: An Introduction to Current Manga!3

    Hello! It’s another PUBWATCH column! I’m Mackenzie, and this is my first article—ever! For anything! Every month you’ll be hearing from me about the latest VIZ Media, with some added commentary. This article is a hodgepodge of what came out from VIZ in October and the first half of November; there’s a lot to read!

  • Women in Men’s World: The Feminism of Basara

    Women in Men’s World: The Feminism of Basara0

    Stories about gender and women have always fascinated me. Seek me out as a kid and you’d find me watching Mulan with a copy of Bruce Coville’s The Dragonslayers clutched to my chest. Discovering a relatively obscure series called Basara during my college years was just an extension of that. Basara follows the journey of