• The Nib: An Outstanding Series

    The Nib: An Outstanding Series0

    At the Ignatz Awards this year, The Nib’s print magazine won the prestigious award for Outstanding Series, and both the Death issue (published September 2018) and the Family issue (published January 2019) were individually nominated in the category Outstanding Anthology. They were both strong contenders for the prize, as they offered a wide range of

  • Previously On Comics: Disproportionately Bosomy Pleasure

    Previously On Comics: Disproportionately Bosomy Pleasure0

    Hello! Kate here to help you start your week by catching up on some of last week’s comics-related news you might have missed. Sometimes there’s a theme in the news that comes out, and this week that theme is money. Specifically, people not having enough of it because capitalism is a system that punishes us all. 

  • A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup July ’19

    A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup July ’190

    After an impromptu vacation borne of a combo work-home move and needing to finalize ordering for my own Kickstarter fulfillment, we’re back! Look no further for the chance to fund exciting issue #1s, snag some fancy webcomic collections, and keep comics institutions in print and publishing. Junior Scientist Power Hour Volume 2 Abby Howard Ends

  • Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”

    Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”2

    Last week, The Nib ran a comic entitled Vote or Else!, which is the work of Filipino-American cartoonist and illustrator, Niccolo Pizarro. The comic, presented initially without context, paints voter registration efforts and their proponents as insensitive to the plights of marginalized peoples and ultimately as centrists who value civility over disruption. While it’s likely

  • Pia Guerra Gets Political

    Pia Guerra Gets Political0

    Pia Guerra is best known as the co-creator and lead penciler of Y: The Last Man, but these days you’re more likely to spot her work on The Nib or in the New Yorker. Starting in 2017, Guerra has been drawing detailed editorial cartoons, tackling issues like school shootings, immigration, and possibly most importantly, critiquing

  • The Nib Roundup: #MeToo Edition

    The Nib Roundup: #MeToo Edition0

    The #MeToo movement has forced many people—from the men accused to casual consumers—to come to terms with the realities and consequences of the unwise, malicious, or dehumanizing behavior present in pretty much every industry. On July 27th, The Nib posted a commentary on some of the conversations that have ensued, a four panel comic by