Previously On Comics: Disproportionately Bosomy Pleasure

Hello! Kate here to help you start your week by catching up on some of last week’s comics-related news you might have missed. Sometimes there’s a theme in the news that comes out, and this week that theme is money. Specifically, people not having enough of it because capitalism is a system that punishes us all. 

Everyone knows the American Health Care System is broken beyond belief, so I’m starting off today with a link to comics creators Jeremy Sorese’s GoFundMe for hospital expenses after he was pushed off of a subway platform in NYC. This world is awful, but over $36,000 has been raised in 2 days, so there are some good people in it. 

Independent Comics website The Nib was in need of potentially changing its funding model yet again. This week Matt Bors put out a series of tweets to confirm that The Nib was switching to a readership-funded model.

It’s hard to say if this is a sign of the times or another nail in the coffin of political comics and cartoons (remember when the New York Times decided to literally stop all of them rather than fire one anti-semitic cartoonist?), but in any case–we encourage you to financially support spaces that give creators a voice if you can afford to do so under capitalism. 

And sometimes creators find a way. Escher Girls announced its return this week, for all of your spinebending, disproportionately large bosomy pleasure. 

You can support them on Patreon or Kofi, because, again, capitalism is horrible and we all need money to keep the servers going. Speaking of which, did you know WWAC also has a Patreon to which you can subscribe? Your money will not only help us keep the servers running but will also lead to us being able to pay our writers.

In more news, Lion Forge announced that the upcoming Cataylst Prime event is going to be delayed by three months. Why? I wouldn’t presume to say that this is at all related to the Oni Press/Lion Forge merger or any financial issues that might have resulted, but that’s certainly the speculation. In the meantime, you can read Wendy Browne’s interview with Gail Simone and Desiree Rodriguez from SDCC.

One final piece of news that is money-focused only in the sense that if someone has $5,000 to spend, they should definitely spend that money on the “Angry Girlfriend Variant” of Amazing Spider-Man 15 which thanks to a semi-viral tweet has gotten the national attention it deserves

Photos taken presumably from the Facebook group mentioned in the article.

I don’t buy graded comics, but I feel it is my destiny to own this comic in support of this woman. 

So, to wrap up this week’s theme–here are some either upcoming or recently published comics covers that we loved which you can spend your money on. 

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