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Previously On Comics: Law and Communication

Superheroes are apparently not the only figures in comics that are difficult to kill, as Brian Michael Bendis announced this weekend that he had nearly been felled from a surprise MRSA infection. Shortly after signing his exclusive contract with DC, the writer was hospitalized, where he’s spent the entire last week. Good job on not dyin’,…

Backlight: Harassment Ain’t Cool

Content warning: sexual abuse Well, it’s been another bleak week for sexual harassment in film and TV, but don’t lose all hope! Upcoming projects from diverse creators showcase the originality, creativity, and inclusivity that creators of colour and female creators can bring to our screens. Harry Knowles Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Harry Knowles…

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Tim League’s Redemption of Devin Faraci

Eleven months ago, after accusations of harassment were leveled against him, Devin Faraci resigned from his Editor-in-Chief post at Birth.Movies.Death. It was a quintessential “life comes at you fast” moment, wherein the allegations against Faraci were brought up specifically in response to his public condemnation of then-Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s statements about assaulting women. Prior to…