• Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape

    Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape0

    Seems like every time I sit down to write one of these, I gotta lead with people in positions of power in the comics industry using that power to punch down. We start the week off with Action Lab. Sorry, Action Lab Danger Zone, because the first thing that both bearers of the Action Lab name

  • Backlight: Harassment Ain’t Cool

    Backlight: Harassment Ain’t Cool0

    • October 1, 2017

    Content warning: sexual abuse Well, it’s been another bleak week for sexual harassment in film and TV, but don’t lose all hope! Upcoming projects from diverse creators showcase the originality, creativity, and inclusivity that creators of colour and female creators can bring to our screens. Harry Knowles Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Harry Knowles

  • Tim League’s Redemption of Devin Faraci

    Tim League’s Redemption of Devin Faraci0

    • September 13, 2017

    Eleven months ago, after accusations of harassment were leveled against him, Devin Faraci resigned from his Editor-in-Chief post at Birth.Movies.Death. It was a quintessential “life comes at you fast” moment, wherein the allegations against Faraci were brought up specifically in response to his public condemnation of then-Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s statements about assaulting women. Prior to

  • Previously on Comics: Rose City Comic Con

    Previously on Comics: Rose City Comic Con0

    First, before anything else: Len Wein died. There’s nothing I can say here that isn’t already all over the news. Except thank you, sir, for how your work changed me personally. It’s shame he can’t read that I said that. Lion Forge and Dark Horse are both donating money to hurricane relief funds. Lion Forge

  • Previously On Comics: Back Once Again With the Dull Behaviour

    Previously On Comics: Back Once Again With the Dull Behaviour2

    Last week in comics started off plenty loud with an internet outcry over harassment suffered by Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos after she posted a picture online of herself and several coworkers sharing milkshakes in honour of the late Flo Steinberg. Comics creators, fans, and journalists all rallied under the hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake to show solidarity

  • We Have Voices, Too: Milkshakes with Taneka Stotts

    We Have Voices, Too: Milkshakes with Taneka Stotts0

    • July 31, 2017

    She’s written multiple comics, like Deja Brew and Full Circle. She’s published the first fiery book in Elements, a series of anthologies that features creators of color, front and center. She’s been a champion for POC creators, and independent comics. She’s inspired and inspiring. She spends a lot of time reading comics out of her