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Get Your Game On Wednesday Banner

Get Your Game on Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! Nothing like a little snow up here in the Northeast to make it feel like Christmas. Plus I learned that Asmodee Digital is bringing the tabletop game Potion Explosion to mobile this month, so if you don’t hear from me, send cookies. On to the news!

Dilbert, Scott Adams

Dear Scott Adams, Rhetoric is Not Reliable Camouflage

Well, Dilbert Man has struck again. He’s a cartoonist, he’s got reach, he’s a silly and unpleasant misogynist. He’s bad. We’d have said something sooner, but as he himself boasts women hardly pay attention to him — your honours, we did not know. Scott Adams is the man behind long-running and (sub-ironically?) mainstreamed cartoon strip Dilbert….