• Seeing Surrealism in Comics

    Seeing Surrealism in Comics1

    I started researching Surrealism, more specifically Women Surrealists, over ten years ago, writing both my M.A. dissertation and then my PhD thesis on the subject. I have a particular interest with Surrealism’s connections to the female body, fashion, and magic/alchemy/witchcraft, but the movement is wide and its influence felt in many places. As a result,

  • An Interview With Sarah Stern, Comics Person

    An Interview With Sarah Stern, Comics Person0

    Sarah Stern has provided the rich color work I’ve appreciated in many BOOM! titles, including Goldie Vance and Giant Days. At FlameCon this summer, I was excited to meet her and to be introduced to her webcomic, Cindersong. Sarah, whose business card reads, “Comics Person,” balances between solo work on Cindersong and color work on various

  • A Hell Of An Innocent: Great Art, Good Story, Poor Ending

    A Hell Of An Innocent: Great Art, Good Story, Poor Ending0

    A Hell Of An Innocent Zidrou (Writer), Philippe Berthet (Artist), Dargaud (Belgium), Europe Comics (English) 18 April, 2018 Disclaimer: Izneo has provided WWAC with a VIP Access Pass. The small city of Dubbo, New South Wales, hasn’t seen much crime in its day. But the one crime that has lived with its residents, and continues