Previously On Comics: Comics You Might Have Missed

Hello again! Kate here for this week’s Previously On Comics. It’s been A Week, to say the least, and as I’m getting on a plane in 36 hours, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and mostly focused on suggestions of things to read that you might have missed.

Before we start, I have to take a brief moment to note that America Chavez is getting his awesome Hamilton-inspired variant cover, and as a huge America fangirl and a Hamilton fangirl, this is like, my worlds colliding in the best way. 

Onto the good stuff, though! The Nib is killing it right now, with a few comics out this past week that have blown me away. I’ve always admired a few of their pieces, but this is the week that convinced me to subscribe.

Panel from Gemma Correll's Fashion Tips for the Apocalypse featuring apocalypse-themed nail polishes.
Panel from Gemma Correll’s Fashion Tips for the Apocalypse.

Other good reads and news of note:

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