• Sex Criminals #26: The Long-Awaited Cumback

    Sex Criminals #26: The Long-Awaited Cumback0

    Your favourite comic about time-stopping sex criminals is back from its 19-month hiatus for a final 7-issue arc called “Six Criminals.” Issue #26 is stuffed *wink* full of everything makes this series great: melancholy, introspection, childhood trauma, and roller rinks, of course!

  • Previously on Comics: Marvel to Release the Claremont Cut and DC Comics Goes to the Zoo

    Previously on Comics: Marvel to Release the Claremont Cut and DC Comics Goes to the Zoo0

    • News
    • January 20, 2020

    Oh hey it’s Monday! And comics industry news from last week was actually pretty good! Marvel will release an extended version of Chris Claremont’s God Loves Man Kills next month. For the first time, the Scotiabank Giller Prize will open its doors to graphic novels. The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) announced its 2020 list

  • Family Tree #1 Roots Itself Beneath Your Skin

    Family Tree #1 Roots Itself Beneath Your Skin0

    Family Tree #1 Ryan Cody (Colorist), Eric Gapstur (Inker), Phil Hester (Artist), Jeff Lemire (Writer), Steve Wands (Letterer). Image Comics November 13, 2019 Family Tree #1 is unsettling, in the best possible way. It roots itself beneath your skin and lingers, leaving you thinking. It’s apocalyptic in scope, but it’s also the story of a

  • Cover Girl: Space Bandits #4

    Cover Girl: Space Bandits #40

    Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Tia, Paige, Louis, and Nola examine Matteo Scalera’s cover for Space Bandits #4. 

  • Exploring Jeff Lemire’s Family Tree

    Exploring Jeff Lemire’s Family Tree0

    In Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester’s upcoming comic, Family Tree from Image Comics, a girl becomes a tree. This new, original horror story follows the Hayes family on a backroads road trip across the country seeking a cure for Meg. Frightening and poignant, the first issue of the new horror ongoing combines elements of body horror, magical

  • The White Trees #2 Broke Me by Going Brokeback Mountain

    The White Trees #2 Broke Me by Going Brokeback Mountain0

    The White Trees #2 Kris Anka (line art), Aditya Bidikar (letter art), Shanna Matuszak (production artist), Matt Wilson (color art), Chip Zdarsky (script) Image Comics September 25th, 2019 This review contains mild spoilers for The White Trees #2. So, I called it. In my review of The White Trees #1 I predicted I was going