• 01: First Second Fall 2018 Cover Reveal!

    01: First Second Fall 2018 Cover Reveal!0

    This month the exciting and innovative publisher First Second revealed their Fall 2018 covers. 01:First Second is the publisher that brought you great books like Pashmina, The Cute Girl Network and Tillie Walden’s ice skater graphic Novel Spinning, and this fall they are release some amazing title s that we know will become some of future favorites.

  • Pashmina: Uncovering Secrets and Self-Discovery

    Pashmina: Uncovering Secrets and Self-Discovery0

    Pashmina Nidhi Chanani First Second October 3, 2017 We’re all familiar with the intricately-patterned Indian shawls known as pashminas. In Nidhi Chanani’s debut graphic novel, published through First Second Books, a pashmina serves as a conduit to a homeland that exists in the feisty protagonist’s imagination before delivering her a sense of clarity – and

  • #WWACComicClub Recap: This One Summer

    #WWACComicClub Recap: This One Summer0

    On the first Monday of every month we meet up on Twitter for the #WWACComicClub. Last week we discussed This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. The response to this comic was unanimous. Everyone loved this simple yet heartfelt coming-of-age story and agreed that Jillian Tamaki’s art was the perfect companion to Mariko Tamaki’s