Cute Girl Network blog tour: Rose the Roommate Tells It Like It Is

Picking up where my Cute Girl Network review left off, today we’re hearing from a character in the book–which is in shops today from First Second. Finally! There’s something of a blog tour going on from the creators behind CGN (I’d suggest you should click around a bit to find out where else they’ve been EDIT: here’s a roundup!) and I liked their story so much we all held hands and concentrated until space and reality twisted enough that Rose, roommate to the book’s love interest Jack (as well as Gil, poor gal–see the excerpt at the bottom of this post), was able to get a message of her own through, just for us. You and I, reader. You… and I.


Rose the Roommate Tells It Like It Is

as told to MK Reed and Greg Means

Hello, my name is Rose. I hear that someone wrote a book about my roommate Jack and his run in with The Cute Girl Network. That’s cool, I guess. I think Jack and Jane make a pretty nice couple. I’m rooting for them. But if I had to put money on it, I’d say that Jane’ll dump him after the Network is done with her. He just has too much baggage. A trainwreck full of baggage… heading over a cliff… into a pit of fire.

First off, I want to say that no self-respecting Brookport girl calls it The Cute Girl Network. Blech! That’s what smart-ass boys like Gil (our other roommate) call it. To us, it’s just The Network. And despite what some people say, I think it’s a force of good in the world. It has saved me from wasting my time with more than one bonehead.

I was dating this one guy (yes, I date men sometimes, get over it) and I was really taken with him. He knew how to weld and made his own Frankenstein bikes. He had grey eyes and his beard was amazingly soft. It was like kissing a long haired tabby. A friend recommended I run him by The Network, and just for giggles, I agreed. It turned out he was a total klepto! He had stolen his last girlfriend’s laptop, and another girl said that he took her pet chicken and sold it to a medical testing facility. When I confronted him about it, he said that property was slavery and he was just setting those girls free. WTF! I’ll always be grateful to the Network for saving me from that nutjob.

I’m not saying Jack would ever do anything like that. Jack’s a total sweetheart. I mean, if I have to pick up his tighty-whities off the bathroom floor again I’m going to sling shot them out the window, but overall, he’s a good guy. I hope that Jane can see that despite the avalanche of trash talk I’m sure she’s hearing. I guess I’ll have to read the book to find out.


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