Author: Jazmine Joyner

The Free Black Women’s Library Comes to LA: A Talk with Director Asha Grant

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen on Slauson in Los Angeles is buzzing with conversation. The pink neon sign above the door is radiating the energy of the room—“good vibes only”—black people fill the space, there to support black womxn and an organization that uplifts them: The Free Black Women’s Library LA. It’s their official launch party….

Magical Beatdown Jenn Woodall Silver Sprocket

A Little Magical Girl Ultra Violence: A Review of Magical Beatdown Vol. 1 & 2

Magical Beatdown Volume 1 & 2 Jenn Woodall (Art & Words) Silver Sprocket With a longsword, a baseball bat studded in nails, and her trustworthy bloodthirsty motorbike, Jenn Woodall’s eye-patched magical vigilante combats harassment from scumbags with style all while paying homage to classic magical girl manga with her zines published by Silver Sprocket, Magical Beatdown…