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    Lola Watson

    I'm a community college professor, nerd, and mom who collects comics, knits, and procrastinates a whole host of other hobbies in my lack of spare time. My research focuses on using technology in the classroom, pop culture, children's literature, and comics.

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  • Cartoons for Caregivers Working From Home With Little Helpers

    Cartoons for Caregivers Working From Home With Little Helpers0

    You have one or more small children and suddenly you’re faced with figuring out working from home while school or daycare is closed. Don’t fear, WWAC is here! The cartoons on this list are pleasing to both your kids’ brains and your ears. Throw screen time guilt out the window and tell the American Academy

  • First Second Pubwatch: March 2020

    First Second Pubwatch: March 20200

    Welcome to the new Pubwatch series for First Second Books! Stories about the magic of friendship and social issues that affect young people dominate my reviews of the graphic novels this month from the publisher First Second. This will regularly be the new place to learn about what’s happening with this innovative publisher for comics