Last Week’s Episode: The Start of Hot Mess Summer

Last Week's Episode

This past Sunday was the Summer Solstice. So even though some of us in the South have been melting for over a month already, according to some summer has now officially started. Whether you hate or love the hot girl summer trend, I think we can all agree this summer is a hot mess. Things are starting to reopen and people are starting to meet up in person again, but we’ve kind of forgotten how things work. Some of us all agree things shouldn’t go back to normal, normal didn’t work for a lot of us and forced working from home has hopefully shown people that remote work is a lot more viable than our bosses previously thought possible. Pandemic philosophizing aside, the entertainment industry is back in full swing with pushed back premieres finally coming out and new trailers dropping all over the internet. So happy first week of Summer and here’s the latest from this week’s Hollywood news.


There was surprisingly a lot of news about superhero costumes this week…

Most of the info on the Black Adam movie has been kept strictly under wraps. However, during a People interview Pierce Brosnan revealed that his Doctor Fate suit is being created by motion capture. Which could be good (most of the Marvel suits are mocap) but it could also be baaaad. Green Lantern anyone? Fingers crossed they get it right this time. [SlashFilm]

Albeit with an unfortunate wording, we got a peak at the new suits for Shazam 2 and learned that actress Michelle Borth won’t be reprising her role as the grown up Mary Marvel. Instead it was confirmed that actor Grace Fulton will play both the young and older versions of Mary. Bummer for Borth, who supposedly signed on for several movies back in the beginning. [Twitter]

Last but not least, a bit of movie costume news! We finally got our first look at Sasha Calle as Supergirl in the upcoming The Flash movie. The Columbian actor looks powerful and is a dead ringer for Tom Taylor’s 2014 version of Supergirl, confirmed by the writer himself on Twitter. [Remezcla]

Marvel’s Black Widow is finally coming out this summer after months of delays due to the pandemic. Rather than focusing on her skin tight bodysuit, as many journalists have since her first introduction to the MCU, this interview with ScarJo talks about the character’s growth over the years. [HelloBeautiful]

Sinqua Walls (from BET’s American Soul [Ed.’s note: and Teen Wolf!!]) will star in the new psychological horror thriller Nanny alongside Michelle Monaghan and Anna Diop. Nikyatu Jusu wrote the script and is making her directorial debut in this timely tale of immigration and the American Dream, told through the lens of West African folklore. [THR]

Disney is making yet another live-action remake no one asked for… But the latest news might give us a little hope. Rachel Zegler, who beat out many for the lead role in West Side Story (dropping later this year), has been cast as Snow White. [Variety]

The Suicide Squad trailer was released this week in an interesting way. Proving the power of streaming, WB skipped the conventional method of putting the preview on big channels and instead it debuted on YouTube. I just happened to see it between binging Critical Role by forgetting to click Skip Ad for once. I’m cautiously optimistic. It looks like good fun and I like the change in Harley’s wardrobe. It looks more in line with the tone of Birds of Prey, which gives us hope here at WWAC. [Polygon]


I honestly didn’t know NCIS is still actively on TV. So this article was double news to me. Apparently, it is and fan-favorite Mark Harmon looks to be making his exit soon. [THR]

One silver fox leaves and another enters. John de Lancie will reprise his role as dimension-hopping alien Q in the second season of Star Trek: Picard. Still shots of his magnificent silver mane and facial hair were shared on Twitter.

Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive first look at two new characters coming to Titans in August for Season 3: Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon will be joining the cast. The medium angle shot of Dick Grayson talking to Barbara Gordon is kind of underwhelming compared to the close-up creepy looking shot of Dr. Jonathan Crane (aka Scarecrow) if you ask me. I hope Babs will have a decent amount of screentime in this new season. [EW]

The Supernatural drama has as many extra lives as the Winchester brothers. Instead of the well-received Wayward Sisters spinoff, they’re now doing a prequel about John and Mary. There were so many damn flashbacks in the show I don’t know what else there is to tell about their story, but here we are. It appears that Jared had not been looped in yet and was blindsided by the announcement (the latest update on the Twitterverse says they talked and worked it out). I mean come on. We all know the spin-off should have been about Charlie‘s adventures in Oz, right? [Variety]

After wrapping Season 3 of Pose, MJ Rodriguez said in a recent interview she wants to play a Marvel character. We are all here for that!!! Read more about what she’s working on next including her new single “Something To Say” in this interview. [PinkNews]

Former Superman and Lois writer Nadria Tucker posted an update about her ongoing battle with Warner Bros. Surprising no one, it looks like they won’t be trying to make the situation right but instead will leave Tucker in the wind. Come on industry, please do better. Haven’t you learned anything in the past few years?


The new Western film The Harder They Fall looks amazing! Check out the trailer from Netflix below.

Perhaps best known for his work on Young Justice, character designer Phil Bourassa is excited to be working on bringing the characters of Critical Role’s campaign one to life. See his take on the characters and a short animation clip for The Legend of Vox Machina, the crowd-funded animated series picked up for two seasons by Amazon Prime. [Polygon]

Steven Speilberg has pulled a 180 and signed a deal with Netflix. Yes, the same company he tried to have barred from the Oscars two years ago. He might have short-term memory loss, but Twitter does not. [WSJ]

There were some new cartoon trailers dropped this week. One new original superhero cartoon for adults and one reboot of a kids’ classic! Check them out below.

Q-Force was created by Sean Hayes (Jack on Will & Grace for the young’uns) and sitcom king Michael Schur (The Office (US), Parks & Rec, The Good Place), with gay comedian Gabe Liedman (writer on PEN15, Broad City, Kroll Show) as showrunner. [Vulture]

The extended Hanna-Barbera universe comes together in this new HBOMax series helmed by Chowder‘s C.H. Greenblatt, Jellystone! [Collider]

Jana Schmieding was about to give up on her Hollywood dreams when she finally caught her big break in the form of writing and starring in the upcoming Rutherford Falls. In this essay, she tells the important story of how she went from being relegated as a Native consultant for other people’s stories to spreading what she calls stories of Native joy. [VanityFair]

As of this week’s episode, Loki is now canonically bi in the MCU. Happy Pride!

Other Entertainment News

Shonen Jump+ announced an 8 episode show to find the next manga star that will premiere on their YouTube channel Friday, July 2. The winner will receive 5 million yen, serialization, book in print, and an anime adaptation. [ANN]

In this excellent personal essay, Fuad Ahmed talks about reclaiming his Arabic name after going by Gabe Grey for 15 years in order to find success in the acting industry. [CBC]

Known for her memorable guest-starring roles on Star Trek and The Twilight Zone in the 1960’s, Joanne Linville has died at age 93. [THR]

The latest development in the ongoing #FreeBritney saga is rightly being examined as a disability [Vice] and reproductive rights issue [USAToday]. Her over 4,500-word speech to an LA judge Wednesday provides chilling details of the 13-year long abusive conservatorship that controlled every aspect of her life down to a forced IUD. If this can happen to a wealthy white woman imagine the less privileged women trapped in similar situations with fewer resources. [Atlantic]

Two of the Internet’s biggest fan-driven platforms for creators have merged to create Wattpad WEBTOON Studios. Parent company Naver has committed $100 million for development and production financing of the new combined studio. [YahooFinance]

If you were a fan of the cult 2019 film The Lighthouse, you might be interested in the manga version being released to promote its upcoming Japanese theatrical release.

What I’m Watching

Lastly, I’ll leave you with Lola’s Summer Picks. Basically what I’ve been watching and enjoying lately. I recently caught the first six episodes of Peacock Original’s We Are Lady Parts — a sitcom about a geeky PhD student who joins an all femme Muslim punk band. It was the most heartwarming and lovely six episodes of TV I’ve seen all year. Seriously, watch this show so it gets a second season! It has some great magical realism moments, which I’ve been missing in my life since Jane the Virgin ended. All the characters are complex, interesting, and it was just good fun. I also finished the second season of the ballroom competition show on HBOMax Legendary. That theme song really gets in your head but mostly I love how it shows the amazing creativity and abilities of ballroom performers as well as their special bonds as chosen family. Check it out and then watch the end of Pose!

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