Last Week’s Episode: Meme the Bern 2021

Last Week's Episode

Welp, we made it folks. We’re now past January 20th and well into 2021. The first three Wednesdays of this year have been quite a doozy: a coup, a second impeachment, and an inauguration. I refuse to ask what next week will bring, because I’ve watched enough movies to know that will just invite more chaos. So we just have to continue taking 2021 like last year, one day at a time. Or in my case, one meme at a time. Seriously, Wednesday was the best day for memes in quite awhile.

My phone is bursting with Bernie mitten memes and ones celebrating the amazingly accomplished and fabulously fashionable ladies of the new government. FYI you can now get your own Bernie in a chair sweatshirt and all the proceeds go to Vermont’s Meals on Wheels. Bernie knows how to leverage internet popularity for a good cause. The focus on US politics this week doesn’t mean there wasn’t entertainment news though, so without further ado… here’s the latest.


The irony of  the next James Bond movie’s title during our current state of global pandemic is not lost on us, but it might be on their marketing department. There’s been plenty of time to die between different release dates, so the internet and I are skeptical that will actually happen.

Surprising no one, release of the Black Widow movie is delayed again. If it’s half as disappointing as the WW84 was, I hope they just release it on Disney+ so I can get it over with and with minimal pain or exposure. In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying WandaVision on the mouse’s streaming service and so is WWAC reviewer Elvie Mae Parian. [ComicBook]

In a bit of inauguration-adjacent news, President Biden’s new leader of the Senate, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, has connections to Hollywood through none other than the Caped Crusader. Leahy has been in five Batman films and one television show. He donates the income and royalties from his cameos to the childhood library where he grew up reading comics and books. [DailyDot]

This week came with our first looks at the Mortal Kombat movie. IGN has some juicy details on all the fights and Easter eggs fans can look forward to. These screenshots look pretty epic! It will be coming to theaters and HBOMax in April. (Supposedly.) [IGN]

Another first look this week came from a strange source, MasterChef Junior (in Spain) featured a challenge themed around Ghostbusters: Afterlife for a cross promotional tie-in. In that episode, a new ghost named Muncher was introduced. I will not post the picture here to save your nightmares from this big blue blob without any of the whimsy or silliness of Slimer’s iterations. You can click the link for yourself if you think you have the stomach for it. Apparently, we also have to look forward to a Muncher themed blue Twinkie in the future. Yum? [SlashFilm]


There’s more Disney+ related news this week! Go figure. Ethan Hawke will make his Marvel debut as the villain in the new Moon Knight series. Hawke definitely has the evil facial hair look down as seen in the portrait below. It’s still unclear which of Moon Knight’s traditional adversaries he might be (or perhaps there will be a new villain for this show). I think Marvel has shown with WandaVision that they’re not afraid of taking some risks on this platform. [THR]Portrait of actor Ethan Hawke - Older light skinned man with grey hair slicked back, wearing a grey suit

Star Trek: Discovery star Mary Wiseman clarifies a comment from a Zoom interview that was interrupted by technical issues. In a follow-up interview, Wiseman asserts that she said, “I’m not straight,” and “I [have] dated and loved people of all genders.” Discovery has LGBTQ representation on both sides of the camera and it’s heartening to see that group further expanded. [Queerty]

Titans has finally announced who will play Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon in season 3. Savannah Welch is known for her role in the History Channel documentary Six and as a spokesperson for the disabled community after she lost her leg in a 2016 accident. Unlike some other productions that fell short of representation in casting, this is a big win for the disabled community. [Variety]

Sadly this week, it was reported that Babylon 5 star Mira Furlan has passed. Furlan is best known for her roles in Bablyon 5 and LostBabylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski posted a lovely tribute to the actor on Twitter. [Variety]

If you need a mood lifter this weekend, there’s a new season of Blown Away out now on Netflix. It does a good job of filling the void left by GBBO, this competition show about blowing/sculpting glass can do the trick. I definitely recommend it!

To end on some hope, KPop fans have proven once again that they rule the internet and are one of the few groups that use their power for good. For the last seven months since taking over the WhiteLivesMatter hashtag, they’ve been pretty quiet. But are now out in force to take over the ImpeachBidenNow campaign that inevitably popped up on Twitter just days after the inauguration. “A rep for President Biden’s office did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment.” Probably because the only right response would involve a Black Pink gif and that’s not super professional for the White House to put out. One can still dream! Bless you KPop stans for helping throw some water on the Internet dumpster fire. [Variety]

Until next week, drink more water and sleep as much as you can. I think this year is going to be a marathon and we’ll need our strength to get through it.


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