Previously On Comics: Drink Your Water

Good morning. Have you had enough water? If you’re a coffee drinker, it’s a good idea to chase your coffee with some water. You’ll still get the caffeine effect but as it wears off you won’t be so dehydrated, and you’ll function better through the day. This goes for other forms of caffeine as well. Take care of yourself! Now let’s talk some comics news.

France is having a perfectly normal one as cartoonist Xavier Gorce has quit Le Monde after they printed an apology for a cartoon of his they published. I want to stress here; they did not print a retraction, they did not fire him—he quit. Now, folks over in France are crying censorship. The cartoon in question made light of topics including incest and trans identities specifically in the wake of allegations that a French political commentator abused his stepson, and in spite of this and the issued apology, Gorce suffered no actual consequences, he just took his toys and went home.

SoCal band Sublime is back, in Pog (okay, well, comics) form! The group is getting a graphic novel via Z2 comics. I expect many tearful tributes to Bradley Nowell.

Magic: The Gathering comics are also coming back! The newest run will be published by BOOM! Studios, who can be hit or miss with things sometimes, but have had a decent track record with licensed properties lately. I’m not very deep in the lore of M:tG, but I definitely played when I was younger. With these comics and the recent sourcebook for D&D, I suspect it won’t be long before I’m sucked in wholly, as they appear to be marketing along the exact axes that work for me.

If you’re more of a manga reader, Go Nagai’s Violence Jack is getting a follow up, called Violence Jack 20XXwhich will start being serialized in Monthly Young Magazine as of February 19th.

In weirder news, here’s a piece on CNN about Senate President pro tempore, Patrick Leahy, a huge Batman fan who has appeared in no less than five different Batman adaptations. This seems very cute (and it is) but it’s also important to remember that Batman’s owner, Warner Brothers Entertainment, has donated large sums of money to his campaigns whilst lobbying for even stricter copyright laws. As a side note, these two articles are also a great example of the way news can be framed differently, depending upon the platform’s intended effect. Anyway, be wary of your politician’s ties to large media corporations.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a good week!

Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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