Last Week’s Episode: The State of the Entertainment Union is Meh

Last Week's Episode

Two big political events happened this week. President Biden gave a state of the union address covering his first 99 days in office. Meanwhile, former President Trump put out an official statement with… his opinions about The Oscars. The first we don’t cover here thankfully, but the second I will certainly dig into later. So in case you missed it, here is what’s happened since Last Week’s Episode!

The Good

In case you were wondering, this is entirely accurate. Paddington is a treasure and Paddington 2 is gift. And, yes. Yes, you should watch Paddington 2 this weekend to confirm how right this change in rankings is. (Editor’s note: Citizen Kane is also streaming on HBO Max, so feel free to catch that and compare).

There is a lovely profile of Ewan McGregor by The Hollywood Reporter. It shows how people can actually change and reflect on their past mistakes. Also, McGregor brought up what a relief it was to have an intimacy coordinator during his recent work on the biopic Halston. He said and I quote, “It’s about fucking time.” Maybe there’s a small hope for the industry to evolve. [THR]

On the Obi-Wan news front, Maya Erskine co-star and co-creator of the comedy Pen15 will be in at least three episodes of the upcoming show. Do we know who she’ll be playing yet? Nope. Just like the list of other awesome co-stars including fellow comedian Kumail Nanjiani. But we’re still hopeful given the great talent they are amassing this show will be worth the wait. [io9]

For our Canadian readers, Netflix announced Toronto as the home for their newest office. [DH]

On the heels of Alien Day this year, there has been some news on the #DisneyMustPay front. Alan Dean Foster who has written successful novelizations in both the Alien and Star Wars universes has been fighting the Mouse House for missing royalties since late last year. Now a task force put together by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has put out a statement revealing more writers are missing royalties and are joining together to insist Disney honor their contracts as well as increase transparency around the process for all authors involved. [io9]

Women of color made history at the 93rd Academy Awards this past Sunday. Chloe Zhao became the second woman to win Best Director and the first woman of color for Nomadland. (Which swept the awards, also picking up Best Picture and Best Actress for Frances McDormand.) In an interview for Variety, Zhao talked about her epic wins and staying true to her vision while directing the upcoming Marvel Eternals. I for one, cannot wait to see what that vision brings to life! [Variety]

Youn Yuh-Jung won Best Supporting Actress for Minari, securing the first Oscar acting prize ever for Korea. She was also a total badass in putting journalists and celebrities in their place. During an interview, Yuh-Jung was asked what Brad Pitt (producer for the film) smells like to which she retorted “I didn’t smell him, I’m not a dog.” During her acceptance speech the experienced actor quipped off stage to the Minari producer, “Mr Brad Pitt, finally. Nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming? It’s an honour to meet you.” During a juicy Korean news conference, she revealed that Pitt’s production company Plan B fell short on funds and Pitt never followed through on his promise to visit the set in Korea. [NBC]

The Bad

The vibe on Sunday for The Oscars did not start off on the right foot when it was discovered that NFT (non-fungible token) art of Chadwick Boseman was in the Oscar swag bags and would later be auctioned off. After a public outcry about profiting off the actor’s death, the auction was canceled and the artist Andre Oshea apologized as well as promised to redesign the artwork. [ArtNet]

Despite some positive advancements like those mentioned above, overall things didn’t go well at this year’s Oscars. It seems a lot of people chose not to tune in this year, including the surprise winner of best actor. They had a record low number of viewers and Sir Anthony Hopkins, who won in an upset, had already logged off of Zoom for the night. Just for the record, the Academy Awards started going by their nickname “The Oscars” back in 2013 and not more recently as a liberal plot of political correctness contrary to the opinion of one former President. Unlike past years where the tradition was to end the night by announcing the winner of the Best Picture category, this year they moved Best Actor to the end. Presumably, this change was to run the tribute for Chadwick Boseman because he was the odds-on favorite for a posthumous win. However, Hopkins was announced instead becoming the oldest actor to receive the honor. ABC quickly ended the broadcast when it was discovered he had already logged off for the evening due to the time difference between London and the West Coast. An exec tried to play off the night’s odd events as a ploy to keep viewers guessing. I don’t think anyone is buying it though… [CNN]

Also, fresh off his win for Best Supporting Actor for playing Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah, Daniel Kaluuya was mistaken for Leslie Odom Jr. in the press junket. Journalists were batting a thousand on Oscars night, weren’t they? One step forward, five steps back for the advancement of diversity in entertainment… [IndieWire]

The Weird

Florence Welch is writing a musical based on The Great Gatsby. I want to give Welch the benefit of the doubt because I love her music, but did anybody ask for this? I don’t think we did… [Variety]

Netflix released this video revealing their new Vtuber, a sheep woman named N-ko. This new marketing move capitalizes on the growing trend of Virtual Youtubers going around YouTube and Twitch. The streaming service turned content creator announced they will launch over 40 anime series and even a new Sailor Moon movie in June. [TheVerge]

& The Hopeful

I didn’t want to end on a bad note, so I saved a few exciting announcements for last.

Guillermo del Toro teased a big announcement on Twitter earlier this week. Turns out fans of the Trollhunters extended universe will get some closure in the form of an epic crossover film!

Netflix released this adorable teaser trailer for a new show based on the Jeff Lemire comic Sweet Tooth.


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