Last Week’s Episode: 43 More Days Until 2021

Still image from Woke actor Lamorne Morris stands in front of a bulletin board with a hat and headphones on

Will next year be any better than this year? Maybe not. But at least there’s a sliver of hope that it’ll be different than this year. I’ll hold onto that hope for the next forty-three days. In the meantime, here’s a sampler of the last seven days of entertainment news.


In the realm of representation, we’ll have a small advancement in the area of how disabilities are portrayed. Kiera Allen will star opposite Sarah Paulson in Run, the first wheelchair user to star in a mainstream thriller in over 70 years. After reading the script Allen emailed the filmmakers praise for creating such authentic representation. According to her, a wheelchair user of six years, this film “doesn’t just have a disabled character shoved into a trope, something that reduces the complexity of the person or has them there to inform someone else’s journey.” Run premieres on Hulu on November 20. [Variety]

John Waters donated over 370 pieces of his private art collection to the Baltimore Museum of Art, his hometown museum. With the stipulation that the bathrooms be named after him, no joke. According to Waters, “Going to the bathroom can be art too.” It’s precious that his love of art has come full circle from the first poster he bought as a kid at the BMoA. [Open Culture]

Another Stephen King novel, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, is being adapted into a film by Village Roadshow Pictures. At least this time it’s a new one and not another remake. (I think… yup definitely looks new.) Also, it features a woman as the main character and they signed on a female director, Lynne Ramsay, to direct. Could be interesting. [Hollywood Reporter]

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star beside the adorable Manchee the dog in next year’s Chaos Walking.  IGN has an exclusive trailer for the science fiction film. Also, there’s a still photo of Nick Jonas with a gun on a horse. Is he everywhere these days or is it just me? [IGN]


Zack Snyder finally got the rights back for Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and released a black & white trailer for the new and improved Justice League. [Paste]

This December will be a Wonder-ful Season because on Christmas we’ll be able to see Wonder Woman 1984 through the magic of streaming on HBOMax. (And also, yes, you can see it on the big screen in theaters, but depending on where you live it’s probably not recommended!) Director Patty Jenkins says on Twitter that they will hold it as long as possible in theaters so people can see it safely. [Twitter]


Still image from Woke actor Lamorne Morris stands in front of a bulletin board with a hat and headphones on

If you haven’t already watched all of season one of Woke, you need to get on it. I loved it. And now, you can watch it knowing there will be more. It’s been rightfully renewed for another eight-episode season. Quick, go watch Lamorne Morris (New Girl) as San Francisco cartoonist Keef Knight right now on Hulu. [Variety]

No meme has felt more accurate about social distancing than this one:

And in Jane Austen news, the CW says they’re going to turn the classic regency novels into sexier modern adaptations. Did somebody tell CW they don’t need to be sexier? Do you see the palpable tension between those characters up there? Ok sure, CW, we’ll watch it. Because it’s Jane. Just don’t make Mr. Darcy a Jingle Jangle dealer. [Vulture]

TWO new pieces of exciting DC Comics-related items!

YES! A Latina Wonder Girl from Dailyn Rodriguez and Greg Berlanti by CW? I know, I’m worried about their Jane Austen plans too. But this is too exciting to sully with doubt. [Deadline]

ALSO, Ava DuVernay is teaming up with HBOMax for a futuristic drama set during a second civil war based on DC Comics DMZ. Roberto Patino is writing and showrunner, DuVernay is directing at least the first episode and is an executive producer. They will start filming in 2021. [WarnerMedia]


Now I’m gonna go finish watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-air reunion on HBOMax. I haven’t gotten to the part with the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, yet. But they’re talking about the influence James Avery (Uncle Phil) had on them as actors and people right now. It is very heartwarming the way they talked about Avery as the kind of person who planted seeds in every person he came in contact with and helped them grow. They had a special tribute reel for him that was lovely. Ok, I got to the reconciliation with Janet Hubert. Wow. Everyone should watch this reunion who cares about the representation of race and gender on television. There’s a lot of great discussions embedded in this one reunion episode. It wasn’t just for a fun get together. It is a reunion that means something. [EW]

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