01: First Second Fall 2018 Cover Reveal!

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This month the exciting and innovative publisher First Second revealed their Fall 2018 covers. 01:First Second is the publisher that brought you great books like PashminaThe Cute Girl Network and Tillie Walden’s ice skater graphic Novel Spinning, and this fall they are release some amazing title s that we know will become some of future favorites.

Kitten Construction Company: Meet the House Kittens

John Patrick Green (9/04/2018)
Meet the House Kittens by John Patrick Green

The first book starting off the fall is John Patrick Green’s book about cute construction kitties. I mean the cover says it all for me. Kittens working with heavy machinery and wearing hard hats, Sign me Up!

Castle in the Stars: The Moon King

Alex Alice (9/04/2018)
By Alex Alice

Alex Alice is back with Castle in the Stars: The Moon King Book Two, set to hit the shelves of you local comic shop in early September. With gorgeous artwork and space fairing girls in dope armor expect tons of excitement surrounding this book.

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo: The Monster Mall

Drew Weing (09/11/2018)
By Drew Weing

Get ready for the long-awaited sequel to Drew Weing’s The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo. Follow Margo and Charles as they investigate the creepy world of gentrification in monster neighborhoods.

Check Please! Book 1: #Hockey

Ngozi Ukazu (09/18/2018)
By Ngozi Ukazu

Ngozi Ukazu’s famous webcomic Check, Please! is finally coming to print this fall! Bringing together two years of this webcomic into one volume, Check, Please! is a lovely tale that brings together hockey, baked goods, and tolerance. If that isn’t a match made in comics heaven then I don’t know what is.

Science Comics: Solar System 

Rosemary Mosco and Jon Chad (09/18/2018)
By Rosemary Mosco and Jon Chad

Science Comics delves into the solar system for there new edition of educational comics. Rosemary Mosco and Jon Chad travel into the unknown with their cute critter co-pilots to give you the lowdown on our neighborhood with this vast universe.


Youssef Daoudi, out 9/25/2018
By Youssef Daoudi

Daoudi brings the true life love story of famous jazz pianist Thelonious Monk and Socialite Pannonica de Koenigswarter, with his master artwork and storytelling he composes a story of music, passion, and friendship.

The Divided Earth

Faith Erin Hicks, out 9/25/2018

By Faith Erin Hicks

The conclusion to The Nameless City Trilogy The Divided Earth is Faith Erin Hicks’ Fiery Climax to her masterful story of Kai and Rat’s saga to bring peace into their lives.

On a Sunbea

Tillie Walden, out 10/2/2018

by Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden’s print follow up to her amazing, critically acclaimed graphic novel Spinning, On a Sunbeam is an ambitious 544 pages full of love, space, and architecture. Out in October, this book (originally a webcomic) is sure to be a gorgeous reading experience.

Secret Coders: Monsters & Modules

Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes, out 10/2/2018

by Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes

Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes’ Acclaimed Trilogy comes to an end with Secret Coders. Yang bringing his background in computer science education into this action-packed comic makes it the perfect book to teach kids and adults about coding, wrapped in a colorful fun package.

The Zita Trilogy Boxed Set

Ben Hatke, out 10/9/2018

by Ben Hatke

Fans of Ben Hatke’s Zita The Spacegirl Can now rejoice in the streets because First Second has collected the Trilogy in a new handsome Box Set, just in time for you to start writing up your Christmas lists.

Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom

Gigi D.G., out 10/9/2018

by Gigi D.G.

Gigi D.G.’s cute graphic novel Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom is a beautiful pastel dream starring adorable bunnies in a medieval kingdom. Do I need to say anything else?

Last Pick

Jason Walz, out 10/9/2018

By Jason Walz

Imagine a world where everyone but you and your twin has been abducted by aliens, and you were left to fight to build a life in the ruins. Well, that is the plot of Jason Walz new graphic novel Last Pick.

Science Comics: The Brain

Tory Woollcott and Alex Graudins, out 10/16/2018

by Tory Woollcott & Alex Graudins

Science Comics is back on the list with a look at the ultimate thinking machine, The Brain! Tory Woollcott and Alex Graudins, dive deep into what makes that supercomputer in your head tick in this deliciously educational graphic novel.

Walker Bean and the Knights of the Waxing Moon

Aaron Renier, out 10/23/2018

by Aaron Renier

The Sequel to Aaron Reinier’s The Unsinkable Walker Bean will finally be in your patient little hands October 23rd! The Knights of the Waxing Moon follows Walker Bean as he finds himself in another wonderful fantasy adventure.

Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda

J.P. Stassen, out 11/6/2018

by J.P. Stassen

First Second is re-releasing this thoughtful look into the Rwandan Genocide. With an intro from Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse Deogratias is an important graphic novel by J.P. Stassen whose artful and sensitive look into this dark chapter in human history is a story in need of telling.

Tiger vs Nightmare

Emily Tetri, out 11/6/2018

by Emily Tetri

A debut from writer Emily Tetri Tiger vs. Nightmare Is a wonderful all-ages story about a tiger and his best friend who face their worst dreams head on.

Those are all the Fall 2018 titles being published by 01: First Second publishers. So many fantastic titles to look forward too this fall!

Jazmine Joyner

Jazmine Joyner

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