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The FOLD Festival Adds Comics to the Mix

The Festival of Literary Diversity’s goal is right there in the title. Its mandate is to celebrate and provide a platform for diverse voices in literature. But FOLD’s diversity goes a step beyond the people creating the literature, explained Karen Richardson, a member of the festival board and planning committee. It also showcases the diversity of…

Comic Cons, Comic Books, and a Library Magazine: Anne Drozd on the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, Pulp, and a Mystery Comic

In the past few years, Anne Drozd and her husband Jerzy Drozd have produced a boatload of comic events: Comic books, podcasts, conventions, cartoonist instruction for kids/teens/adults, school workshops, library events, Nerd Nites, tiny expos, big expos; these two do it all. I was thrilled that Anne was able to take the time to answer…

Stories from Comics Academe: The Culture of Production in Marvel’s Media Franchises

On May 1, 2014, I attended Derek Johnson’s lecture, “My Hero?: The Practices and Politics of Sharing Worlds in Marvel’s Media Franchises” presented by the University of California at Irvine Humanities Collective. Johnson is a professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who researches identity and hierarchy in the production of…