• Previously On Comics: Look At This Pineapple

    Previously On Comics: Look At This Pineapple0

    Good morning, and welcome to July! We closed out June with the best of all possible things, which is Stan Sakai being proud of his delicious, homegrown pineapple. I harvested our home grown pineapple. Ripened on the stalk, it is amazingly sweet with no strings at all. pic.twitter.com/qfh1Dhrt6s — Stan Sakai (@usagiguy) June 25, 2018

  • Previously On Comics: Arresting Developments

    Previously On Comics: Arresting Developments0

    I’d like to tell you that this week we only have fluffy, happy, good news and a basket of puppies for every reader, but unfortunately this is Comics. So instead, you’ll be getting the standard, “abandon hope all ye who enter here” treatment. The week started with Stan Lee’s business manager and partner Keya Morgan

  • Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses

    Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses0

    Comics news was like a fireworks show this week: Right around the time your vision cleared from the first whizbang, a new tidbit popped up to distract you. Another jailed artist gained his freedom, DC dropped some big announcements, Marvel tried to keep up, Dark Horse attempted to hide its anti-LGBT policies behind a digital