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Happy Monday the 13th, which I figure is like Friday the 13th but 100% more cursed because Monday. I don’t know, just go with it. Anyway, news!

Good news came in over the weekend from The Wall Street Journal with the snappily titled “Graphic Novels Get New Respect. The Article highlighted the medium’s recent successes in being nominated for the Man Booker prize and hitting The New York Times bestsellers list while also name checking fan favourites like Iron Circus Comics and ICC creator Blue Delliquanti.

However, things took a turn midweek as it was announced that in addition to cutting back on convention appearances, Stan Lee will no longer be conducting public autograph signings. He will still, however, be partaking in private sessions via Desert Wind Comics and an Independant Signature Witnessing Service.

This was followed by the sad news that Cartoonist John Blair Moore had passed away. Moore had a prolific career working for the likes of Disney, the experimental DC imprint Piranha Press, and Egmont Publishing. His most recent work, a daily comic strip entitled Live Bait: The Chronicles of Drumf can be found on his Facebook page.

Thursday brought with it the 2018 Harvey Awards Nominations from ReedPop and New York Comic Con. The Harvey Awards aim to spotlight the best in comics and adaptations and honour the book of the year, digital book of the year, best children or young adult book, best adaptation from a comic book/graphic novel, best manga, and best European book. Winners will be announced on October 5th at NYCC’s first Harvey Awards Ceremony.

Controversy hit in the shape of transphobia in Plastic Man #3 by Gail Simone and Adriana Melo. Initially highlighted by Emma Houboix, the issue was expanded upon by Alexis Sergio. Gail Simone was quick to respond and issued a public apology for the matter, saying she would try to get it adjusted for the trade. Following the apology, Alexis went on to make a further point on how allies are routinely celebrated for their apologies while those who draw attention to the problems are often maligned by both professionals and fans allowing allies to remain in positions above those they claim to want to help.

Quick Hits!

  • Artist Shreya Arora subverts the male gaze and puts a feminist spin on classic comics.
  • There is currently a petition running on to reshape the border of the province of Batman, Turkey into shape of the Batman logo
  • Patreon purchased Memberful, a company that allows indie creators to build their own membership websites.