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    C.P. Hoffman

    By day, C.P. Hoffman writes about digital accessibility and the law; by night, they write about comics, pop culture, books, and gender. They have lived across North America (Indianapolis > Chicago > New York > Montreal > Indianapolis again), but now reside just outside of Washington, DC. C.P. has a particular affinity for Spider-Women, but also loves Wonder Woman, comics about witches, and stories about time travel. For inexplicable reasons, they also tweet a lot about the Fantastic Four. Twitter: @CPHwriter

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  • PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, September 2018

    PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, September 20180

    Wow, can you believe it’s already been a whole month since we last checked in on our BOOM! Studios Pubwatch? Well, have no fear, loyal WWAC readers, for I have not yet forgotten the sacred Pubwatch oath that I swore last month, so here I am with an update on all things BOOM! Explosive News

  • Man-Eaters #1: A Beast is in the Heart

    Man-Eaters #1: A Beast is in the Heart0

    Man-Eaters #1 Chelsea Cain (writer), Joe Caramagna (letterer), Stella Greenvoss (additional interior art), Kate Niemczyk (pencils & inks), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist) Image Comics September 26, 2018 Two years ago, Cain, Caramagna, Niemczyk, and Rosenberg created one of my favorite comics in recent memory, Mockingbird, which took a B-list (and powerless) Avenger and made her into a

  • This Guide Explains How to Use They/Them Pronouns, But Not Why

    This Guide Explains How to Use They/Them Pronouns, But Not Why0

    A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson Limerance Press June 12, 2018 One of the most consistently frustrating experiences of being non-binary is that you are misgendered more or less constantly. Whether going out to eat or dealing with clueless family or coworkers, misgendering is constant and can make

  • PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 2018

    PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 20180

    Hey folks! If you’ve been regularly following this here BOOM! Pubwatch, you might notice things are a bit different, as we’ve secretly replaced your regular host, the fearless Claire “Jack ‘The Joker’ Napier” Napier, with, well, me. Archival footage of Claire leaving the BOOM! Pubwatch: Well, have no fear, because I’ve bowed down in front