Previously On Comics: You’re As Cold As Ice

Here at WWAC, it seems like we started our awards polls a little early–specifically, the Worst Editorial Decision category, as Marvel decided it was going to throw a last minute wringer in the works, by forcing Teen Iceman of the time-displaced original five X-Men back into the closet before sending him home. Occurring in the finale of the Extermination miniseries, this was supposedly done to “protect the timeline,” which is absurd, given the preponderance of alternate timelines that already exist in canon. Just let Iceman be gay! Let teen Iceman go off and have a gay adolescence, that timeline will be better for it.

Still, I can see how it’s important to protect such vital pieces of X-Men canon as the time Opal found Bobby so boring on their first date that she forgot he was a superhero.

X-Factor (vol. 1) #53

You’ve probably heard about Eric M. Esquivel by this point; in fact, we covered it last Monday. In the intervening time, Eric has offered up an “apology,” wherein he first announces that he’s not going to listen to the advice he was given, blames fictional media for giving him bad role models, and craving external validation. He tells us all this and that he wants to change, conveniently ignoring the fact that the public apology thread is, itself, a seeking of that same validation. Eric eventually deleted the thread, but screenshots are forever.

After this apology, another victim of Eric’s came forward, sharing screenshots of Eric hitting on her when she was sixteen years old

…you know what? I’m done. Comics as an industry hates women and queer people and we’re tired of telling you that, over and over. Go have a good holiday weekend, whatever faith you ascribe to (or none, if that’s your fancy).

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