Presenting the Nominees for the 2019 WWAC Awesome Awards

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While everyone is putting together their best of list for 2018, we want to do something a little different with the return of our Awesome Awards. There are many, many comics we loved this year, and you’ll get to read about those, but the comic industry isn’t just about the comics we read. There have been lots of moments that make us smile, and just as many—maybe more—moments that hurt our brains and hearts. Here are the nominees for the WWAC Awesome (and not so Awesome) Awards!

We’ll be announcing our winners early in the new year, as voted on by our esteemed Patreon patrons and our WWAC Team.

Worst Editorial Decision

Every company is allowed to make bad decisions. Sometimes those decisions had good intentions, but things just didn’t work out as expected. Sometimes those decisions make you go [white guy blinking.gif] (hurray for Marvel helping us plan our 2020 awards already!) Other times, those decisions are deliberate actions that call every aspect of a company’s accountability and integrity into question.

The Continuing Adventures of Akira Yoshida 
Tom King in General
Hello, My Name is Ric Grayson
Firing Chuck Wendig for Being Chuck Wendig 
BatCat (Non) Wedding
Colossus/Kitty (Non) Wedding
Heavy Vinyl: The Comic Formerly Known as HiFi Fight Club 
Maybe We Should Bring Back John Byrne 
Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki Fined for Child Porn Possession, but Rurouni Kenshin Continues

Best Discourse

Whether across social media or in blogs and forums, there is always an issue affecting the comics industry—whether it’s one that is constantly being rehashed or something entirely new. Often, emotions are high when these issues raise their ugly heads, but those visceral reactions are just as important a part of the discussion as the more focused pieces.

Universal Fan Con 
Batman’s Dick
The Re-reinvention of Psylocke

Least Problematic Industry Darling

Who’s out there NOT fighting with their readers on Twitter? What man out in the world is trying his best to be as non-controversial as possible? Here are men who manage to not constantly say infuriating shit.

Scott Snyder
Rob Liefeld
Greg Rucka
Charles Soule

Best Gay

Look, we’re pretty queer here at WWAC, and we’re rooting for comics to get as gay as possible. That means we’re gonna celebrate every good gay character we can, even if it’s an autobio comic (especially if?). Make the Yuletide etc.

America Chavez (West Coast Avengers, Marvel)
Nagata Kabi (My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1, Seven Seas)
Bobby Drake (X-Men, Marvel)
Lola (Motor Crush, Image)
Marceline & Bubblegum (Adventure Time, BOOM)
Mae (Aquicorn Cove, Oni Press)

Best Actually Worth-it Variant Cover

Variant covers have a long history that didn’t initially involve enticing collectors. Now even eBay offers exclusive variants, tapping into those sweet collector’s item dollars. But which variant covers are so damn cool that they are actually worth the extra cash?

Bitter Root #1 (All of them)
Superman #1 (Mack Variant)
Dream Daddy #1 (Anka Variant)
Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 (Putri Variant)
Livewire #1 (UV Black Light Variant)

Most Mediocre White Man with the Most Comics Released in 2018

The comics landscape is filled with many, many talented creators—some already making a name for themselves while others are striving hard to be heard. Many of those creators are from marginalized groups whose voices bring dynamic new perspectives to the characters and stories we know. These creators may have entirely new stories to tell, strengthening the comic industry with the diversity of what each and every one of them brings to the table. And yet, despite the existence of so much talent, we keep seeing the same names making the rounds …

Matthew Rosenberg
Tom King
Brian Michael Bendis
Tom King

Most Forgettable Event

Sometimes a comics event shakes the very foundations of the universe, changing the way we look at beloved or hated characters and their world. Other times … *yawn* *eye roll* *yawn*

“No Surrender” (Marvel)
“Typhoid Fever” (Marvel)
“Heroes in Crisis” (DC)
“Doomsday Clock” (DC)

Best Webcomic We’ve all Been Reading Since Forever Ago

The internet is forever, and so are webcomics. At least SOME webcomics. I’m an ancient husk and these are some old school faves along with some newer ones.

Check, Please!
Dumbing of Age
Questionable Content
Gunnerkrigg Court

Best Webcomic You’ve Added to Your Rotation

But just because we have old favorites doesn’t mean there aren’t new and amazing webcomics that come out literally every day. So here’s some comics we’ve started clicking on with regularity (you should try it sometime!)

The Hero Business
Sweet Home
Boyfriend of the Dead

Best Monthly/Serial Book That Actually Gives Us Hope for the Future

Sometimes we read a comic or read about something going on in the industry that makes us want to throw the whole damn thing in the trash. Thankfully, there are still many comics that alleviate our anger and despair and remind us that comics aren’t so bad after all.

Dream Daddy (Oni Press)
Runaways (Marvel)
Secret Weapons Supplementals (Valiant)
Backstagers (Boom)
Moth & Whisper (Aftershock)
Quincredible (Lion Forge)
The Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel)

Best Graphic Novel That Actually Gives Us Hope For the Future

And then there are graphic novels that are just so wonderful that they fill our hearts with so much joy and leave us certain the world can and will be a better place. Someday.

The Hidden Witch (Molly Knox Ostertag)
The Prince and the Dressmaker (Jen Wang)
Crush (Svetlana Chmakova)
Eternity Girl (Young Animal/DC)

Best Series That Doesn’t Exist

What are your favorite dream books? Has an artist or writer or rando posted something that spurs the imagination? What book do you wish you could buy, but it exists only in the ephemera of dreams?

Tomb Raider/Wonder Woman
Kris Anka’s X-Men
Soft-Masc Sexual Bloodshot
Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) Solo
Soft Finn/Poe Witches (Little Corvus fanart)
A Fashion Comic, Featuring Swimsuit Issues
Hot Young Man Logan

Most Surprising Fave Comic

There are so many terrible comics in the world that it’s often completely surprising when we manage to discover something enjoyable, fun, and downright good on the shelves. What’s your absolute favorite series that you were sure would be decidedly mediocre? Which unexpected issue sneaked its way into your pull box and your heart?

Edge of Spider-geddon (Marvel)
Marvel Two-in-One (Marvel)
These Savage Shores (Vault)
Lockjaw (Marvel)

Best Lovably Mundane Zine Topic

Okay, we all love zines about witches, but what about zines that cover the more practical issues in life, like where the hell are you gonna put all these enamel pins you just got?

Welcome to Pin Hell
The Queer Language of Flowers
Eat That Sandwich and other Self-Care Zines
Zine the Cowboy, a Mitski Fanzine

Best Indie Comics Curation

Ley Lines
Short Box

Best Anthro Book

Embrace your inner fursona with these extremely powerful books featuring funny animals … some of whom also murder.

The Pervert (Image)
Pinky & Pepper Go to Hell (Silver Sprocket)
Retrograde Orbit (Avery Hill)
Terrible Means (Avery Hill)
Beneath the Dead Oak Tree (Short Box)


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  1. I really appreciate this article. I can’t say I am a fan of Tom King, but his 12 issue Vision series from 2017 was really good. Very emotional for a story about androids. It also brought us Viv. This doesn’t excuse Tom kings other work, but he isn’t entirely irredeemable.

    Thank you

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