[EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW] The Mignola-verse’s Crimson Lotus #2

A woman's face appears in red behind three masked monkeys

Assassin, witch, enemy of Lobster Johnson, and mother to Ben, Yumiko Daimio’s history is steeped in dark magic and blood, beginning with the ghastly murder of her father during the Russo-Japanese War. One of the three Mignola-verse titles announced at Comic-Con earlier this year, Crimson Lotus is a five-part mini series from Dark Horse Comics. Written by John Arcudi and drawn by Mindy Lee, the first issue takes us back to the moment that shaped a young girl’s future, then follows her monstrous and bloody revenge as she avoids the traps of two spies. Their journey takes them across China, but early on it becomes clear who is truly hunting who.

In advance of its December 19th release, take a look at this exclusive preview of Crimson Lotus #2, where Agent Dai must protect his charge from enemies old and new.


Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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