Previously On Comics: Look At This Pineapple

Good morning, and welcome to July! We closed out June with the best of all possible things, which is Stan Sakai being proud of his delicious, homegrown pineapple.

Just look at him. He’s so happy! I came back to this picture several times over the last week, it’s just so pure.

On to more…directly related comic book matters, Rebel Wilson has tossed her hat into the comic book adaptation ring, purchasing the rights to a film adaptation of Crowded, the as-yet unpublished new book from Christopher Sebela, Cardinal Rae, Juliette Capra, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Tríona Tree Farrell.

Would you like more access to comics? American book retail giant Barnes & Noble has announced that they will have a dedicated graphic novel shelf in the kids section of its stores. This shelf is in addition to the store’s existing shelves for manga, western comics, and collections of newspaper strips (which are inexplicably shelved far apart from the others). This is a pretty good idea, pretty good.

Speaking of stores making space for comics, Archie Comics and Torrid got together and announced a Betty & Veronica fashion line. This was, presumably, pretty easy, since Torrid sister store Hot Topic was already carrying a bunch of Archie and Riverdale related merchandise, but it’s nice to see a clothing line explicitly focused on a market other than thirteen year olds (said the author, like she doesn’t regularly buy things from Hot Topic in her mid thirties).

Oh, and remember how we were talking about that wedding issue getting spoiled last week? Well, it happened again. This time it was Batman #50, and it was spoiled by the New York Times. The article that does the spoiling (which I will not link) not only spoils the big reveal of the issue, but is a full, page by page recap of the whole thing. This is…a bad trend, comics PR people. Don’t get caught doing this over and over. You’re screwing over your own creative teams!

I have no quick hits for you. It was a relatively calm week! I didn’t even have to write about harassment! GO FORTH, ENJOY COMICS.

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